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Jan 21st
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Giving the Refugees Children A Ray of Hope - A Dream Comes True

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Giving the Refugees Children A Ray of Hope
The Lucky Few
A Dream Comes True
A Universal Parental Love
They Are Not Discriminated
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A Dream Comes True
At 7.30 each morning, Nurbi and her brother, Ibrahim, would hold on to their two younger brothers when they walk along a winding flyover, cross a busy road and walk another 10 minutes to reach the Selayang Centre.

Everyday, they have to spend an hour on the road. If they were caught in the rain, they would either brave the rain and proceed, or wait until it stopped. If they were tired, they would stop to drink some water before continuing their walk. They would sometimes be late by half an hour or more, but they were never absent from school. Their teacher, Juvita, is very understanding and sympathetic. She provides whatever assistance she could to help them catch up with the others in their studies.

"They never complained about the walk or their tiredness; and they study very hard. They are excellent students both in conduct and studies," said Teacher Juvita. She also told her own children about the diligence of these four siblings so that her children could learn from them.

Education is the priority
Nur Hussin, the father of these four siblings, is a contract cleaner with the Town Council. He has asthma and cannot work for long hours. In one month, he can only work 12 days earning a salary of RM360.
The mother, Suruzon, had an operation a few months ago, with financial help from friends and medical aid from UNHCR. As she has not fully recovered, her eldest daughter has to take care of their household chores temporarily.
This couple has seven children. According to their culture, their eldest 19-year-old daughter has to stay home. One of their 18-year-old twin sons, Habibullah, works as a cleaner while another does odd job at the construction site. Their monthly income of RM 540, plus their father's take home pay have to feed their family of nine.

Nur Hussin is illiterate; he cannot even write his own name. Although the family is living from hand to mouth, he insisted on providing education for his four younger children. As Habibullah did not have the opportunity to go to school, he has to labour to earn money to support his family, as well as, provide education for his younger brothers and sisters.

Nur Hussin would often become breathless when he sweeps the roadside, and would have to use the asthma spray to relieve his discomfort.

"I don't mind working hard as long as my children can go to school and have a better life in future," he said.
Children of poor family mature earlier
The four younger children are very understanding and would not ask for anything. After lunch, the girl would help with the housework, and then the four of them would sit down on the floor to study.

Suruzon, who is very strict about etiquettes, has taught her children to greet their parents and kiss the back of their hands each time before leaving and also upon returning home. Being devout Muslims, the boys would go to the mosque on Fridays while the girls pray at home.
Coming from a poor family, these children would wish to get out of poverty. "Without education, I don't know what I will be in future," said Ibrahim. A difficult life and an uncertain future will not deter Nur Hussin from giving an education to his children; and to Ibrahim and his siblings, poverty and the lack of necessities will never be their excuse to stop their studies.


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