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Jan 22nd
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Giving the Refugees Children A Ray of Hope - A Universal Parental Love

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Giving the Refugees Children A Ray of Hope
The Lucky Few
A Dream Comes True
A Universal Parental Love
They Are Not Discriminated
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A Universal Parental Love
"We cannot give much to our children, but it gives us great comfort to know that when they grow up they will be able to fend for themselves," To see their children given the opportunity to study is like a dream come true for all parents at the refugee communities.

However, despite having been given the opportunity to go to school, some students are unable to attend classes everyday due to family problems. A child going to school means less income for the family. Twelve year old Anwar Hussin and his brother, Mohamad Hassan, have to collect scraps after school each day to help their family make ends meet. But with the present economic downturn, the price of recycled items has gone down, and the brothers can only make RM10 a day, as compared to RM20 ~ RM30 in the past.

As both their parents are sick and fragile, the family collects scraps to make a living. They scrimp and save on their meager income to provide for the family of seven.

The father is pleased to find that his children are able to read and write nowadays.
Lessen their misery
Compared to other refugee families, Ikbal, and his family of five, who live in Taman Teratai, are fortunate as they do not have to worry about food.

Ikbal is afflicted with dizziness from an accident a couple of years ago. He is unable to work under the scorching heat, so he collects scraps for sale together with his two sons in the evenings.

His wife, Zarinah, a cleaner, works at a nearby market, earning RM500 a month. The hawkers, who are aware of her family's financial constraints, will give her their leftovers to take home. Zarinah makes salted fish from the leftover fish for sale at RM5 ~ RM7 per kg as extra income.
Ikbal loves his children very much. Everyday, he walks to the Education Centre with his children's lunch, thus making sure that they will not go hungry.

A sweet burden
As of August 2008, all students at the five educational centres are required to put on school uniform. As a result, all parents have to scrimp and save to get their children the uniforms.

Despite being pregnant, Roziyah would walk the half hour journey with her child to the centre everyday; and she would always wait at the back of her child's classroom while the lessons are being conducted.

With the few Malay words she had learned, Roziyah said, "I am so happy to see that my child can read! I come here everyday so that I can learn something too. Sometimes I help clean the classroom so that they have a clean environment to study in."

Parents are always the ‘cheer-leaders', urging their children on at all times. They are happiest when they find even the slightest progress in their children!

Going Overseas for An Educational Mission
Out of a total of eleven teachers at the five educational centres, five are locals and six are Rohingya Burmese. Although they have different educational backgrounds, all of them are dedicated in serving the refugee communities.

In 2006, Faizal came to Malaysia to run a small school with 20 students. He recalled that one night in August 2007, some 400 refugees in his community, which included most of his students, were arrested by the authorities. He was then forced to close the school.
After learning about the joint efforts of UNHCR and Tzu Chi at the refugee communities, he was determined to build a new life and re-establish his career. He passed the tests and continued his teaching career at the UNHCR Tzu Chi Education Centre in Kampung Tasik Permai.
"Many people came to Malaysia to make a living. I came for the sake of imparting knowledge to the next generation," said Faizal, who hopes to improve his teaching methodology to give his students a better education.

Faizal's wife is also a teacher teaching in Myanmar. The couple would exchange ideas via the internet from time to time. Faizal said, "I would stay on until I am no longer needed by the students and the Centre. Then, I will go back to my home country."

For Faizal, religion plays an important role in his life. Living in a foreign country, he fasts whenever he encounters problems. At the moment, he is happy with his life here, because the children have an opportunity to be educated.


The Beauty of the Jing Si Abode


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