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Jan 16th
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Giving the Refugees Children A Ray of Hope - They Are Not Discriminated

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Giving the Refugees Children A Ray of Hope
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They Are Not Discriminated
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They Are Not Discriminated
The establishment of UNHCR Tzu Chi Education Centre and the participation of local teachers have proven to the refugees that they have not been discriminated.

Mohd Haidzir vowed to be a good teacher. His parents are intellectuals and five of his nine siblings are working in the education industry.
Following the Islamic system of education, Mohd Haidzir has integrated moral education into the syllabus.

He commented that the students have improved a great deal after a year of schooling, both academically and also in discipline.
"If no one tells them that stealing is bad, they would probably steal for a living," said Mohd Haidzir. "A child without education is a child without the ability to look after himself/herself. They would not know how to contribute to the country. They might even pose a problem for society."

Gratitude and respect
Since the commencement of school, Mohd Haidzir has taught his students to show respect to the country that has nurtured them, and to sing "Negaraku", the national anthem of Malaysia.He hopes that the children will be grateful towards the nation even though they are not Malaysians.
"To show respect to the national anthem of Malaysia is to show respect to this country. It is also to show respect to oneself!" Before school dismisses each day, he would lead the students to sing "Negaraku".

Mohd Haidzir cannot guarantee their future, but he can educate them. He is always patient and kind, and he teaches the students to have good learning attitude and moral values, in the hope that they would turn out to be good citizens. 

Translated by Hew Kwee Heong, Chiang Sook Chen, Ng Chong Seau Horng

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