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Dec 08th
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Grandma's RM 40,000

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"Times are bad and the number of people who need Tzu Chi's help is definitely increasing," said Grandma Li. She donated RM 40,000 of her life-savings to Tzu Chi. She said, "The remaining RM 2,000 is enough for me to live on for a long time."

In her seventies, skinny Grandma Li has been living alone in a wooden house in the busiest district of Kuala Lumpur for several decades. She does not have a permanent job, and survives from income by selling recycled materials.

One day, Grandma was not well and when she heard that there was a free clinic operated by Tzu Chi in town, she decided to try it out. There, she found a number of stroke patients, leg amputees confined to wheelchairs, as well as lonely old folks like her. As a follow up, Tzu Chi volunteers paid her a home visit and decided to apply a medical card for her to receive regular treatment at Tzu Chi Free Clinic Centre.

A few months later, Grandma asked Tzu Chi volunteers to accompany her to the bank. She said she had a fixed deposit that she wanted to donate to Tzu Chi. When the volunteers found out that the sum was RM 40,000, they were shocked and had to reconfirm the amount with Grandma several times. When asked how she would survive without the money, Grandma smiled and showed them her savings book, saying, "I still have RM 2,000. This is enough for me. I only need a little bit of vegetables daily."

The volunteers were deeply touched. They asked Grandma to reconsider keeping half of the money for future use. But Grandma was adamant about her decision. She said, "Times are bad, and life is getting tough. I believe many people will need Tzu Chi's assistance. I have made up my mind to donate the entire sum to Master Cheng Yen."

Grandma found many poor and sick people in dire need of help and comfort at the Free Clinic Centre. From the Da Ai TV at the Free Clinic Centre, she listened to Master Cheng Yen's teachings and Tzu Chi's stories. She realized that Tzu Chi is trying to consolidate and unite every kind heart to create a world of Great Love.

"I am old, what else can I do with the money? I feel happy that the money can be utilized to help the poor and suffering."

By Tan Kim Hion
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