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Oct 02nd
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Tzu Chi Assists Thailand Child to Rid of Scar

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Where there is a disaster, Tzu Chi volunteers will follow. Where there is pain and sickness, doctors will relieve sufferings and give joys. Tzu Chi volunteers bring love and warmth, and offer care and concern for those who are suffering.

Child living in poverty scalded with burns lacks immediate medical treatment
On August 15th, 2009, Tzu Chi volunteers went to Wabow orphanages to care for 400 children. During their interaction, they noticed a child with a cloth affixed to his neck. They saw that he had large burnt scars from an accident when he was younger. They gave him an unbearable itch and he was often tempted to scratch them, leaving bloody scabs.

8 year old Somsak came with his two brothers to study and to live in the village. They have been there since May 2009 and became members of Tzu Chi Wabow. Somsak's brother, Vina, explained to the volunteers in detail how his brother got injured. Six years ago, when Somsak was two years old, he ran around while his mother was cooking and accidentally bumped into his mother, causing her to spill boiling water all over his body. As Somsak grew, his scar increased in size. Due to lack of medical treatment, he had scars on his back that caused him itching and pain that were hard to endure. This has caused Somsak difficulty in lifting his head and straightening his back. His condition would deteriorate if treatment was not applied any sooner.

Tzu Chi people and Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) extend a helping hand
“Due to the negligence of getting early treatment within the first year the accident had occurred, he had problems lifting his head and his growth was also affected,” said Dr. Songyos. Because Wabow's children are Tzu Chi's children too, volunteers took Somsak to the hospital to receive a skin graft and to conduct scar removal therapy. Aside from being grateful for Tzu Chi volunteers’ attention and care, Somsak and his 11 year old brother, Vinai, also appreciated what TIMA hospital’s medical crew had contributed. Doctors' love warms the children’s hearts. They gave them tender care and concern on behalf of their parents who lived on the mountainside.

Parental Hearts
“We really appreciate what the doctors in the hospital had done. They executed a skin graft surgery, which would take two to three sessions to complete and requires 10 days of rest in between each surgery. Somsak's brother would accompany him for the rehabilitation and would have volunteers and colleagues taking care of him until he leaves the hospital and returns to Wabow to continue his education,” said Tzu Chi vounteer Lee Chan Chung.

Somsak's 50 year old father came from Northern Thailand's Chiang Rai Mountain to Bangkok on September 15th and expressed to us, “This is my first time to Bangkok because I’m part of the minority of Hmongs residing in Thailand and often face communication barriers, but having volunteers gathering to see my son in the hospital makes me feel comfortable.” Somsak's father also said, “From now on, I'm going to take care of my son until he leaves the hospital.” Because of the family's poverty, they once worried that their children would not receive proper medical treatment. They were sincerely grateful to the volunteers.

Away from their parents’ loving care, they headed to WABOW to study for a brighter future. They were blessed to have the opportunity to have great karmic connections with so many people and to cultivate their own brave hearts. Master Cheng Yen often says, “Faith, persistence and courage, possession of all three, then nothing is impossible.” Children are afraid to undergo surgery at such a young age, but with everyone's encouragement, Somsak had the courage to accept surgical treatment.

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