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May 18th
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New beds for La Romana residents

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On October 12, 28 volunteers delivered 43 double-bed mattresses and 34 single-bed mattresses to 70 households in La Romana, The Dominican Republic. Around 20 seventh and eighth graders from Tzu Chi La Romana School volunteered their services and helped aid recipients carry their mattresses home.

One recipient, Rosa Maria, came to the distribution site with her ten-day-old daughter in her arms. She had seven children, five of whom studied at Tzu Chi La Romana School. She and her family were from San Pedro Macori; they moved here after hearing that Tzu Chi had not only built a school here, but had also given out uniforms and school supplies and provided free clinics. Because her husband had stayed in San Pedro Macori to work on the farm and there were only her elderly mother and children at home, she had no one to help her carry the mattresses home. "Don't worry," volunteers said, "We'll help you."

Maria, another recipient, had received care from Tzu Chi volunteers for some time. Although she and her husband were poor, they had adopted several children, and altogether they took care of nine children. Walking into their house, volunteers saw two badly worn mattresses. Maria told the volunteers that because there was not enough space, some of the children had to sleep on the ground. Maria thanked the volunteers for their long-standing help and said that the new mattresses would surely help them sleep better at night.

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