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Mar 25th
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Home Global Activities Taiwan Tzu Chi Students Join and Promote Neighborhood Cleaning at Shei Yuan Village

Tzu Chi Students Join and Promote Neighborhood Cleaning at Shei Yuan Village

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Tzu Chi volunteers have provided long term home visits to Hualien County’s Shei Yuan Village for many years. The Tzu Chi Collegiate Association (Tzu Ching) from Tzu Chi University and Tzu Chi College of Technology also participate in these community services, including home visits regular street sweeping and school children councils.

Children in the village were delighted when they saw the Tzu Ching. Even though their hands were too small to hold the brooms, they wore gloves and helped pick up trash along the streets. Accompanied by the college students, these children worked diligently and invited them to clean even more.

Shei Yuan Village major said, “There were only a few villagers participating in the street cleaning. But this time, because of the Tzu Chi volunteer’s participation, many villagers joined the event. ” Villager Mrs. Tu said, “The streets belong to our community and we will not feel comfortable if they’re filthy. Tzu Chi volunteers have come to clean up for us, we certainly need to come along.”

A simple street sweeping can evoke a community’s attention to environmental sanitation. This is also a major purpose for Tzu Chi’s community service. Tzu Chi Collegiate Association’s, Chiu Shien said, “Going into the community does not merely just sweep the street. It is about developing a habit of reading for the children, teaching them how to read, etiquette, and environmental protection in life.”

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