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Mar 31st
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2008 Commissioner and Faith Corps Training Retreat

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The “2008 Commissioner and Faith Corps Training Retreat” was held at Tzu Chi Culture and Communication Foundation in Taipei and the Tzu Chi Jing Si Hall in Hualien from November 20th to 24th 2008. Over 800 volunteers came from all over the world including 23 countries, 521 of the volunteers were decorated as commissioners or Tzu Cheng members at the Certification Ceremony.

There were two commissioners from Zulu, South Africa dedicated to help out the local communities. They made a commitment to help out locally no matter how poor they were, and they also held visits for AIDS patients.

After two major disasters occurred in Mainland China and Myanmar in May 2008, the volunteers made a special trip back to Taiwan to learn the Tzu Chi spirit. They also learned the meaning of ultimate truth, virtue, and beauty, and how to be more prepared to recruit people to participate in volunteering services.

The courses of the Four Major Missions - Charity, Medicine, Education and Humanistic Culture, were introduced during the retreat in order for the commissioner trainees to attain a deep understanding of the Tzu Chi spirit. Overseas members also exchanged different views with one another to understand Tzu Chi's spiritual missions and concepts in more detail. Dharma Master Cheng Yen reminded the trainees to give without seeking anything in return and to get involved in the community with purified minds. Overseas volunteers encouraged one another to be diligent in the path of the Bodhisattvas - to give with a grateful heart, and to experience and understand the living sutras of everyone.

The volunteers from Zulu, South Africa shared their experiences after the retreat. There are over 3,000 local volunteers caring for AIDS patients, and there are service centers being established in more than 50 villages to provide food everyday to nearly 3,000 orphans. Those volunteers from Myanmar who joined Tzu Chi after Nargis Cyclone also went to support local activities. To keep benevolent thoughts of helping others, local volunteers have also appealed to offer money or to reduce rice demand on a daily basis.

Translated by Emily Tsai, Holden Lin, Ben Spink-McCarthy
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" Each time we forgive others, we are, in fact, sowing blessings. The more magnanimity we show, the more blessings we enjoy. "
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