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Feb 03rd
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Free Clinic Service for Foreign Labors

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Taipei - There are approximately 300,000 foreign workers in Taiwan and these foreign workers have left their friends and families behind to come to Taiwan for job opportunities. They tend to neglect their health due to financial short on cash or language barriers. Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) Northen Taiwan Chapter has provided free medical consultancy services for these foreign laborers since 2003. This event has been held in collaboration with the Taipei City Labor Bureau and Taipei Main Station for the free clinic venue. Together we hope to give the most comprehensive medical consultancy to foreign friends for free.

Taipei Main Station Chief also willing to make the free clinic happen with TIMA
There was a row of tables set out on the first floor of Taipei Main Station for providing foreign labor with free medical consultancy in many different specialties.

Professional dental equipment was set on the tables at the station hall, which makes it more convenient for foreign workers who usually gathered there for medical advice. This has also attracted many other foreign workers to approach and be consulted.

In the free clinic, any physical sickness will have instant answers. Some foreign friends also joined Tzu Chi as translation volunteers to do interpretation work for those who are worried about the language barrier. "There is no need for registration or spending any money, so I’m very grateful, thank you" said a Filipino foreign worker. "I hope when I go back to Jakarta, I will become a Tzu Chi volunteer" said one Indonesian foreign worker.

Focusing on taking care of workers’ health, members of TIMA Taiwan Northern region work with Taipei City Labor Bureau, and the venue is provided by Taipei Main Station. The 3 parties aim to create a homey atmosphere for foreign workers in Taiwan.

"Taiwanese society and foreign workers are more and more inter-dependent today, and caring for foreign friend's health is actually indirectly emphasizing the happiness of both the elderly and our youth" said Lee, Yung-Sang, Taiwan Railway station Chief.

The free clinics provide medical consultancy with over 10 kinds of specialties. Tzu Chi volunteers have been putting themselves into the shoes of foreign workers, and given them our most sincere care and welcome with open arms.

*Da-Ai news Zie-Lan Hung and Ming-Hua Lee 
Translated by Mike Lin, Charlotte Lin,  Ben Spink-McCarthy

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