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Jan 17th
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Tzu Chi Annual Grant-in-Aid Presentation - A Token to Ease the Burden of Parents - Bring Hope to Temerloh

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Tzu Chi Annual Grant-in-Aid Presentation - A Token to Ease the Burden of Parents
The Cycle of Love
They Must Go to School
Light at the End of the Tunnel
Bring Hope to Temerloh
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Bring Hope to Temerloh
The first grant-in-aid distribution by Tzu Chi Termeloh had benefitted 265 students. More than 20 volunteers took more than a month to visit over 300 families in Triang, Mentakap and Temerloh.

Despite their inexperience, the organizing committee managed to put up a very lively ceremony held at SJK (C) Khee Chee. The parents and students were pleasantly surprised to find so many interesting programmes, such as a movie on environmental protection, dramas and a sign language presentation.

Volunteer Tan See Hoon told the story of Bamboo Bank Era and explained that Tzu Chi's charity fund is truly an accumulation of love from many kind-hearted people. Headmaster Zhuang Zhang Hua thought it was good to tell the students how the funds had been raised so that they would be more appreciative of the aid given to them. All the 230 bamboo banks were adopted after the ceremony.

Volunteers went from house-to-house the very next day to deliver the grant-in-aid to the 13 students who did not turn out at the ceremony. The parents were deeply touched by the mindfulness of the volunteers.

We Should Show More Concern for Our Students
47 students benefitted from the 4th grant-in-aid distribution by Tzu Chi Tawau. Several teachers had been working closely with Tzu Chi in the evaluation process.

Teacher Gu Ni Shan said that the home visits made her understand that some of her students were really having a tough life. She also realized that students misbehaved because of their family background. She said, "If teachers are willing to show more concern towards their students, the future of the students can be changed."

Many teachers were touched by Tzu Chi's spirit of great compassion that they gave their support by joining as Tzu Chi donating members. They also wished to propagate Jing Si aphorisms (Master Cheng Yen's wise words) in their schools.

It is hoped that teachers, parents, children, and Tzu Chi volunteers can work hand-in-hand to create a world of love.

Grant-in-aid given out by Tzu Chi Muar benefitted 344 students from Muar and Segamat District.

The three daughters of Madam Lin Yu Chun were among the recipients. Second daughter, Cai Zi Ling, thanked her teachers for helping her. She would like to repay their kindness by studying hard to achieve her dream to be a teacher.

Tzu Chi volunteers found that her husband did not have a stable job. They did not pay the school fees for their son who is attending kindergarten for six months. Emergency relief was given to this family besides the grant-in-aid for three of their daughters.

Tzu Chi Seremban's 6th grant-in-aid presentation benefited 196 students, including 36 children of Tzu Chi's care recipients.

17 year-old Rejina had a small and happy family. However, things turned for the worst when her father suffered a stroke early this year, to be followed two months later by the demise of her brother from a heart attack. The latter left a young wife and three young kids. With the sudden lost of financial income for the family, coupled with her mother having to undergo dialysis, the family has now to rely on her sister to take care of the family. Rejina was glad that the financial aid from Tzu Chi came in very timely for her family.

Tzu Chi Kluang gave out grant-in-aid to 127 students. A boy, who used pins to button up his uniform, caught the attention of many people. He is Huang Wei Cheng, a primary 5 student. He and his sister, Pei En, both received the grant-in-aid. Wei Cheng said, "I will buy a new uniform and stationery with this money." His father works in a recycling factory and he has a family of eight to take care of. The grant-in-aid will definitely reduce the father's burden.


The Beauty of the Jing Si Abode


Are you prepared to put your kindness into actions and join Tzu Chi in promoting the goodness and beauty of mankind?
You are always welcome to join our Tzu Chi’s Great Love missions by becoming a member or volunteer. Please contact the Tzu Chi location near you.

" To take good care of ourselves is the way to repay others' kindness. To dedicate ourselves in doing good is the way to express gratitude. "
Jing-Si Aphorism