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Oct 03rd
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The FiveTransformations on Environmental Protection

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During a speech delivered by Dharma Master Cheng Yen back in 1990, she had encouraged people to use their clapping hands to put environmental protection in action. In a meeting with the Tzu Chi volunteers on June 3rd, 2005 at the Jing Si Abode, she further urged Tzu Chi members to promote the “The Five Transformations on Environmental Protection”, which are transformations on environmental protection in youth, in daily living, in knowledge, in family, and in mind.
1: Transformation on Environmental Protection in Youth:
Protecting our environment is not just the responsibility of the elders.  The youths are capable of protecting the Earth and should also be responsible.  The younger generations will spend a longer time on earth, thus they should put more effort into protecting the environment.
2: Transformation on Environmental Protection in Daily Living:
Let’s begin with our daily meals by bringing our own bowls, chopsticks and cups instead of using disposable ones.  Nowadays, people mostly eat out and it takes quite a large number of bamboo trees to make disposable chopsticks.  The waste management and sanitary issues also make us worry because disposable cups and plastic utensils contribute to the large amount of garbage in our environment.
3: Transformation on Environmental Protection in Knowledge:
We need to thoroughly study the true meaning and principles behind environmental protection so that people understand the importance in protecting our environment.  According to a research, for every 50 kg of paper we recycle, a twenty-year-old tree can be saved.  These numerical data speak for themselves and can attract the public to pay more attention in recycling resources.  
4: Transformation on Environmental Protection in Family:
We must bring the concept of environmental protection to families and into the community because environmental protection is not just one person’s responsibility; the general public should also have awareness of Environmental Protection.

5: Transformation on Environmental Protection in Mind:
In carrying out the act of environmental protection, every “mouth” should say the words of praise; every “mind” should vow for best wishes; and every "person” should do good deeds.
As the ancient people say “do not stop giving just because the giving is small”; “do not act badly just because the bad act is small”.  Protecting our environment is saving our Earth.  Do not think that one person’s effort is insignificant.  As long as we put our minds and efforts into environmental protection and keep doing it every second, results will accumulate in time.  This will have long term impacts in improving our environment.  


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" Our mind is like a garden; if no good seeds are sown, nothing good will grow from it. "
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