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Dec 07th
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Home Our Missions Mission of Medicine The First Live Liver Transplantation in Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital

The First Live Liver Transplantation in Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital

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Dalin Tzu Chi General Hospital completed its first liver transplant. Mr. Chen, 45, suffered from liver cancer and received a liver from his daughter. A month after the surgery, Mr. Chen was released from the hospital.

Hepatitis B and C are rather popular illness in Taiwan, which might cause liver cancer and threaten the public health. Terminally ill patients who suffer from liver cancer usually find traditional treatments useless and liver transplants are usually the last resort. However, liver transplants are not easy surgeries and medication after surgery sometimes causes side effects. Also, in Taiwan, organ donation is not very popular which causes a long waiting list for liver transplants.

Dallin Tzu Chi General Hospital has now successfully completed six liver transplants. Deputy Superintendent Yi Wen-Yao showed appreciation not only to the medical team but also the authorities in the field of liver transplants, Dr. Lee Bo-Huang and the medical team from National Taiwan University. Deputy Superintendent Yi also hopes that more people are willing to become organ donors to help those who are in need to carry on with their lives.

As of today, there are 21 hospitals that are capable of performing liver transplant surgery. However, only 12 out of the 21 are able to perform live liver transplants. Beside from having surgeons who know the appropriate techniques, it is also very important to create a holistic medical team including doctors, nurses, volunteers and patients’ families to make it a successful surgery.

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