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Sep 24th
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Volunteers Practice the Tzu Chi Spirit in Thailand

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In order to welcome the volunteering spirits, Photharam Hospital located at Ratchaburi Province in Thailand invited Tzu Chi volunteers to provide training sessions for their medical staff. The sessions were held on a monthly basis with courses about Tzu Chi character and humanitarian work. They also participated by visiting cases of charity to learn about the concept of selfless love.

Mr. Somboon Khunmuang , the deputy superintendent of Photharam Hospital, was very much moved and impressed with the Tzu Chi volunteering spirit when he visited Tzu Chi Foundation in Taiwan back in 2008. After returning home, he had the hospital staff join the volunteer training camp held in Chiang Rai Province. He hoped to introduce the Tzu Chi spirit and start implementing it in local hospitals. Since Ratchaburi Province and Chiang Rai Province are more than 100 kilometers apart, Mr. Somboon Khunmuang invited Tzu Chi volunteers to hold volunteer training sessions in the Photharam Hospital.

A total of 33 medical staff and local volunteers participated in the first training session on January 22, 2009. It focused on the role of the volunteers in a hospital who are to be the bridge between patients and the medical staff. In the afternoon, they went to visit cases and then returned to the hospital to share their thoughts about this experience.

Through the monthly training courses by the Tzu Chi volunteers, the medical staff learned how to set aside their egos and humble themselves. They also focused on serving people with happiness to better demonstrate the spirit of selfless love.

Translated by: Chiung-wen Huang, Stella Wang, Ben Spink-McCarthy

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