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Sep 19th
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New Argentinean Volunteer Training Course

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Tzu Chi Argentina Branch office has been established for seventeen years and recently it held the first local volunteer training course. Tzu Chi volunteers Chun Tzu-Yang, Yang Chi-Tao, and Sun Wen-Hen overcame cultural differences, language barriers and other difficulties and succeeded with a total of 24 people including many mothers and children from Quilmes and Villa Lujan district participated in the event.

Juana is the coordinator of Villa Lujan’s food pantry, which takes care of nearly a hundred helpless children who have nothing to eat or nobody to depend on. She is very grateful for Tzu Chi’s long-term support in keeping the canteen operating, and it has been in service since December 2005. Juana also invited people to learn more about Tzu Chi. Victoria, Juana’s daughter, was planning to join the volunteer training course, but she decided to help looking after her mother’s business and let her mother join the training first.

The most impressive part about the training was the Discovery Channel’s Portrait report on Taiwan’s Dharma Master Cheng Yen. Many volunteers said that Tzu Chi has done so much, and it is truly a charity that practices self-cultivation and helps them play their roles as living Bodhisattvas. Gloria, a local volunteer said that for the past two years she came to realize that devotion to other people is also educating oneself at the same time, and combing the efforts of many can accomplish great deeds that can not be achieved by an individual.

Translated by Emily Tsai, Stella Wang and Ben Spink-McCarthy

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