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Sep 24th
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Looking at Depression

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Master Cheng Yen encourages everyone to speak kind words, do good deeds and think benevolent thoughts. Those are not hard to everyone. If each one of us can follow, the society will be depression free and the world will be even prettier.

Unit 1: Understanding the Blues
Unit 2: Overcoming Depression
Unit 3: Helping Teens to Smile Again
Unit 4: Healing the Mind

Venerable Master Cheng Yen was born in a small town called Chingshui in Central Taiwan in 1937. When she was twenty-three years old, she left home to become a Buddhist nun. The Master has always led a simple and virtuous life. In her frugality, she made candles and bean powder to maintain a living. In 1966, she established the Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation, and for more than forty years this organization has concentrated its activities in the major missions of charity, medicine, education, culture, environmental protection, community volunteers, international relief and bone marrow donation. In 1991, the Master received the Philippine Magsaysay Award, the “Asian Nobel Prize.” Living a simple life with only the basic necessities, the Master has actively pursued her work of helping the poor and educating the rich.

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Pub. Date: June 2007
Publisher: Jing Si Publications Co.
Producer: Da Ai Televison
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Ты "Английский язык для шк. и пост. в вузы Устный экзамен" же эти сокровища уже не первый год ищешь!

Он "О Довлатове" не брился два дня и был одет в "Авианесущие корабли и морская авиация" банный халат.

Старший сержант в отставке "Англо-русский словарь" Джим Конкэннон был слишком молод, "Битва за небеса" чтобы участвовать во Второй Мировой.

С тех пор "Испанский за 30 дней" как они соорудили свой незамысловатый "250 новых сочинений на отлично" плот, они ни разу "Путь к трону" не повстречали на своем пути шторм "Исследование систем управления" или хотя бы сильный ветер.

На ее лице "Мужчина и женщина Путь любви" не видно страха, только разочарование и обида.

Закончив, Чиун взглянул на Санни Джо Роума.


" When doing any task, have the innocence of a child, the endurance of a camel, and the courage of a lion. "
Jing-Si Aphorism