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Jan 29th
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Red Envelope of Wisdom and Blessings

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At the end of each year, Dharma Master Cheng Yen sends “Red Envelope of Wisdom and Blessings" to Tzu Chi volunteers around the world. The envelopes, symbols of peace and harmony, are filled with the hard work of Tzu Chi volunteers. Each envelope contains a five-dollar coin and six husks of rice, which symbolize the dense “Rokuhara” cultivation of Buddhism.

Handmade with Love
Wiping the red envelope clean, inserting the coins and rice, and laminating the envelope – each step is performed with the most delicate of care. Due to the demand from Tzu Chi branches all over the world, this year Taiwan volunteers prepare over 450,000 red envelopes of wisdom and blessings.

Unlike previous years, this year's red envelopes have a luminous “green apple” made from recycling abandoned CRT VT tubes. In Mandarin, the tubes are a homophone for “qing ping” enrichment, through which we look forward to a life of simplicity.

The huge amount of work relied on the concerted efforts of all involved. There were parents with their children, and even entire families. Sharing the same goals, with their hands full of love, they gathered blessings together and then passed them out!

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