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Mar 20th
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Great Love as a Running Water

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When established the Tzu Chi Stem Cell Center, Master Cheng Yen encountered many people who were suspicious about bone marrow transplantation, and thus Master emphasized that “There is no harm in saving a life, and there is no such thing as harming a healthy person in order to save an unhealthy person.” In actual, this is the main point that has kept the stem cell centres around the world functioning.

This book there are record of Rey-Sheng Her while searching for the origin of the marrow transplantation, through this he also witnessed the hardships encounter during the establishing of marrow transplantation. He travelled to USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, China and other places to interview and witness this relay of love, and lead everyone to know Dr. Edward Thomas who was the very first doctor who has succeeded in marrow transplantation. He approached this in a humanitarian angle, and letting everyone to understand how bone marrow transplantation started and how medical science society and volunteer had worked hard to help these leukemia patients endlessly. These touching stories lead us to appreciate and treasure our lives more.

Author: Rey-Sheng Her
Senior Anchorman and Broadcaster
Master of Communication of the University of South California
Anchor and Producer of Taiwan TV Co. & CTI TV, Major Cable News Channel
The Golden Bell Award, Winner, Best News Program, 1999
The Emmy Award International, 2004. The program, “Great Love as a Running Water” Selected as the Best Documentary, Asia & Africa.
Spokesman of Tzu Chi Foundation
Director of the Humanity Development Department
Director of Public Relations office in Medical Development Division
Lecturer of Tzu Chi University & Fu-Jen Catholic University

Product Details
Published Date: April 2006
Publisher: Jing Si Publications Co. LTD
ISBN: 986-7711-82-3
Copyright © 1996 Jing Si Publications Co. LTD
All rights reserved.


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