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Aug 18th
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Christmas Gift Distribution in Brazil

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With Christmas just around the corner, Tzu Chi volunteers in Brazil organized gift distributions for a local school in Sao Paulo's Sao Miguel Paulista district, as well as a rural area 70km out of the city, in Francisco Morato. More than 1,000 gifts were prepared for the impoverished children.

Homemade Chocolate for Kids with Love 
The smell of Christmas is in the air! Francisco Morato is a resource-poor rural area 70km outside Sao Paulo, Brazil. From the children's bright outfits and abundant laughter, it's easy to see these residents are thrilled to see the familiar blue and white clad angels. Goodies, like cakes, snacks, and chocolates are all part of the Christmas presents volunteers have prepared. Tzu Chi Volunteers also encourage children to perform a message for their parents, to show their love.  

The same kind of festive spirit is seen throughout the local school in Sao Paulo. Some 600 participants have come together for this gift distribution. Moving along to the sign language song "One Family", everyone is beaming with smiles; at this moment, they are all part of the love that is the big family called Tzu Chi.

Source: Daai English News 

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