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Jan 28th
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El Salvador Earthquakes

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El Salvador was overwhelmed by earthquakes, hurricanes, one after another. TIMA personnel endured the stinky condition, and worked tirelessly for the victims in health fairs and aid distribution. TIMA’s emergency disaster relief and the later Da Ai Village housing had lit up a flame of hope for the victims.

El Salvador, with a total area of 21,476 square kilometers, is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America. On January 13th, 2001 at noon, a devastating earthquake measured 7.6 on the Richter scale struck El Salvador. This catastrophic earthquake caused at least seven hundred deaths, injured four thousand people, and damaged or destroyed about twenty thousand homes.

Emergency Funding Urged
About one million and twenty-thousand people, the equivalent of one fifth of the nation’s population, were left homeless. Many victims had been living in the shabby shelters since the last earthquake struck in1986. Many reconstructions had not even been completed. In addition to the earthquakes, hurricanes like “Mitch” in 1998 were certainly overwhelming for people struggling to survive amid all the natural disasters.

On January 16th, the Tzu Chi disaster inspection team and TIMA arrived and provided free clinical service, and rebuilding projects. USA Tzu Chi Chapters including Texas, Atlanta, and Phoenix all joined hand in fundraising. A total of twenty-seven thousand and three hundred people received a month’s worth of food supplies; and three thousand nine hundred people benefited from free medical services. More over, Tzu Chi built two Dai Ai villages in Sacacoyo and Chanmico townships. The free clinic was setup in a basketball field. There were about five hundred and sixty victims living in this area. The doctors treated patients tirelessly and had to endure the stinky condition at the clinic station. Within two hours, they had seen two hundred people with symptoms such as diarrhea, anxiety, and anorexia.

Acupuncture Works Like Magic
Raymond was amazed when the Chinese doctor inserted two tiny needles in his left arm. It felt like ant bites. What he saw was the doctor’s professionalism and great sympathy. Everything came as a surprise to Raymond. The medical treatment came just at the right time. He had been suffering from back pain since the earthquake and Tzu Chi doctors brought great relief to his pain.


The Beauty of the Jing Si Abode


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