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Apr 14th
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Indonesia Flooding from Angke River

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A river flowing with blood, a river polluted with human waste, a river flooded in the most poverty stricken areas, it washed away many human lives; then love comes, bringing back a clean river flowing with hopes.

On January 29th 2002, Indonesia Djakarta was hammered by a bad flood.Local Tzu Chi volunteers quickly responded with a disaster relief effort inproviding foods, daily necessities such as soaps and mosquito ointments.

In Taiwan, Mater Cheng Yen met with a group of Indonesian corporate executives in developing a “Plan” to help the flooded victims. The plan included “Water pumping, water purification, sanitization, free clinics, and a housing project.” They promised Master Cheng Yen to carry out the “Plan” without going into details.

Back in Indonesia, Tzu Chi volunteers had been working continuously in distributing aids, free clinics, cleaning, and sanitization related activities for four months after the flood. They had chosen a village, Kapuk Muara, as the site for the “Da Ai Villages” housing project..

Kapuk Muara is a poor village as well as a slum neighborhood with ten thousand residents located at the edge of the city Djakarta near the Angke River. It is also known as the “Black Heart” because of its heavily polluted river. Tzu Chi had partnered with the local government to clean up the river, widen the river beds to provide safe passage of water during flooding, and to build housing for the poor. It took more than a year to finish these projects.

Residents finally moved into the brand new Da Ai Villages community. For the children who used to play in the rubbish clogged river, they finally dressed up in school uniforms, just like their counterparts in Taiwan, and attended the schools they had been looking forward to – The Tzu Chi elementary and high schools.

After the cleanup spearheaded by Tzu Chi and partnered with the local government, the river is reborn. Rubbishes and the stinky smell are gone. Angke River is once again flowing with clean water. Hope is germinating in this part of the country.

On April 29th 2002, the Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) held a three-days free clinic at the Rumah Sakit (QADR) hospital in Tangerang. This was the biggest clinical event that was ever held overseas since TIMA was established. Over two hundred medical professionals and volunteers from Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines joined hands for this special event. Over ten thousand people received treatment from the clinic which was the highest in Tzu Chi history. Many small surgeries like cataract, hernia, tumors, etc were performed, making an enormous impact on patients’ quality of lives.

Полковнику страстно захотелось, чтобы начали снимать новый "Программы увеличение скорости интернета"дубль, и тогда он "Картинки глаз скачать"смог бы объяснить Исудзу, что для этой сцены просто необходимо "Программ видеомонтажа скачать"показать, как командир пехотинцев, "Фильм дайте жалобную книгу"героически обороняясь, укладывает врагов наповал.

Радостное восклицание сорвалось с его "Статистика г москва"губ, и я невольно ответил ему радостным криком.

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Утром, когда "Жюльетта бенцони катрин книга 1"мы выступили в поход, на груше у дороги висел в петле "Скачать программы для деланья видео"святой Ян Непомуцкий.

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