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Jan 26th
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Earthquake in Pakistan

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“Tzu Chi is the first medical group who came to our hometown.” In the frigid weather condition, Pakistani earthquake survivors described how Tzu Chi volunteers brought kindness and warmth to their valley just like their own brothers.

A magnitude 7.6 earthquake on the Richter scale struck Kashmir, Pakistan on October 8th 2005. It was the most devastating disaster ever occurred in Pakistan. It also affected some neighboring countries including India and Afghanistan. According to the Untied Nation estimate, eighty thousand people killed, sixty thousand people injured, three million people left homeless, and one thousand hospitals and seven thousand schools destroyed.

Ten days after the Earthquake, a Tzu Chi medical team dispatched to Pakistan. Overcoming all kinds of obstacle, TIMA volunteers finally made their way to the most damaged areas – the epicenter.

Transportation infrastructures were completely destroyed. Tzu Chi disaster relief team set up two tents in an open field. A “Dai Ai Clinic” was immediately established and started operating in the valley.

In the mountainous areas reaching 2000 meters above sea level, TIMA members attended victims with various degrees of cuts and wounds in the ruins of the earthquake aftermath; in front of the collapsed buildings, school playgrounds, and shabby tents. They taught residents how to change the dressing on their wounds and reminded them to return for follow-up.

From October 18th 2005 to March 17th 2006, Tzu Chi volunteer distributed medical and food supplies including daily supplements, blankets and tents in northern Pakistan near Kashmir and Muzaffarabad areas, and villages along the Jhelum River Valley. About thirty-two thousand people received aid.


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