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Oct 03rd
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A Happy New Year for Orphan Girls in Bolivia

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Before the turn of the year, Tzu Chi volunteers in Bolivia paid another visit to bone cancer sufferer Marbery Marrera, to give him more encouragement.

Recently, Marrera had his left leg amputated and is steadily recovering from the surgery. He is very grateful to have a visit from the volunteers: "I want to express my thanks to Tzu Chi for giving me so much help." The young patient fights the pain and discomfort, backed by the love and faith from his family and volunteer friends.

Care-givers also went to the Remar Girls Home, a shelter for orphans with poor facilities and insufficient funds. Fortunately, for the past three years, Tzu Chi has been improving the girls' lives with regular supplies of food and daily necessities. They may have no family, but do have Tzu Chi's aunties and uncles, who visit them to bring gifts for the New Year.

They include a pair of perfectly fitting shoes, along with clothes, toys, candies and cookies. One of the girls said: "I want to thank Tzu Chi for all these presents and the love they have given us." They were delighted to receive photographs the volunteers took of them and their ‘uncles and aunts’. The relationship between Tzu Chi and Remar began in 2007. Since then, every month volunteers have brought food, daily essentials and emotional support to the children.

In October 2008, as a token of love for the orphans, Tzu Chi donated a piece of land to the shelter, on which a new and more spacious home may be built for the children.

Source: Daai TV English News

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