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Sep 21st
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Pass on the Love - Organ Donation

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Organ transplantation is one of the most challenging and complex areas of modern medicine which requires tremendous effort for success. So then…why is organ donation encouraged?

Organ donation is one of the the greatest gifts of life one can give. Body organs have no functional use for a person who has passed on, but they can be a miraculous source of life for those in imminent danger death due to organ failure. Every year, countless people die while waiting for transplants.

Through donors’ support, and when doctors are able to match donors to recipients, the recipients are given a new lease of life.

During the process of organ transplantation, the medical personnel of a transplant team are also beneficiaries as they receive the most in terms of experience and lessons learned. From removing the organs from the donor to preserving them, and finally preventing rejection, the medical team members
are dedicated to their jobs in order to make every transplant successful. With each success, they help form strong bonds between the families of donors and recipients.

Medical personnel, social workers, and volunteers all share the same aim of overcoming any possible obstacles and complications. Day by day, they work hand-in-hand in tacit understanding, projecting a scene of life-saving at its most intense. Even though medicine is constantly advancing, organ transplantation is still complex and challenging. It is through the dedicated efforts of medical personnel in this field of medicine that today’s medical miracles are possible.

Death is not necessarily the end of life. Organ donation is an ultimate form of philanthropy. When we make an important decision such as this with our family member, his/her life will be transformed and given a new indescribable meaning through the miracle of transplantation, the recipients will be living healthy and productive lives, while the donor families can put aside some of their grief to allow the spirit of living to last forever.

"This car accident is not what we expected, we cannot blame you. But it has happened and there is no way to change the situation. We need to face it, move on and be in peace,” said the mother of a traffic victim. “Mom has decided to donate your organs. It’s an act of benevolence and merit.”

We must gain the trust of donor families to allow us to complete the procedures. They often find that through donating the organs of their loved ones, they will receive great comfort to help them through their grieving process. At the same time, they will have achieved a positive meaning from the death of a loved one by saving another life.

Patients often thank us for giving them a second chance at life. But their positive attitudes and co-operation during the process also help to keep us centered. It is these patients’ spirit of living and attitude thanks to their new lease on life that carries much more meaning than fixing the body itself. It is hoped that, through the organ donation awareness campaign, each and every one of us will realize that we have the power to save lives when no other hope is available. There is no greater gift than the gift of life.

In conclusion, our human organs will no longer be of any value to us when we die, but they can be valuable 'spare parts' for someone requiring organ transplantation. A donated organsignifi es the love bequeathed to humankind. So, let's act now to light up the lives of others.


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