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Oct 28th
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Dinner for the Homeless, Food for the Poor

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The extreme weather has the experts baffled. Meteorologists predicted a warm winter but the temperatures have been freezing.

In the San Francisco area of the United States, where it has been raining for several days, the weather has also been unusually cold. For people living on the streets in particular, the conditions are unbearable. That's why the Catholic Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption has opened its basement as a shelter for the homeless. Tzu Chi volunteers made a special meal, with a mixture of Chinese and Western food, including dessert, for the 110 homeless men at the church.

Some of the men waited all day for the free evening meal. The volunteers served the meals and chatted to the diners at the tables; some went for second helpings.One homeless said: "I would like to say thank you very much for you folks for coming here to serve us tonight. It's been delicious."

To cap a perfect meal, the volunteers give every homeless person a blanket and scarf. The thoughtful gifts are an encouragement to everyone to pick up their lives again.

In another part of the city, volunteers braved the miserable weather and freezing temperatures to distribute food, and happiness, in the city’s Chinatown. After the San Francisco Food Bank delivered 6,000lbs of food to Gordon Lau Elementary School in Chinatown, volunteers rushed to arrange the supplies, remove bad fruit and vegetables and even waited outside with umbrellas for arriving recipients. All the volunteers tidying the boxes and sweeping the ground outside were all over 65 years old. It was snowing but no-one left their post. The recipients arrived and took the supplies, which neatly laid out on tables by the volunteers, they needed for their families.

Guo Mei-ling, of Tzu Chi San Francisco Branch Office, said: "Even though the weather is so cold - with rain, and hail, and wind too - I'm very moved the volunteers weren't affected by the cold front, and worked together as a team."

Source: Daai TV Englsih News

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