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May 19th
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Well Child Nutrition Program

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The “Well Child Nutrient Program” was lunched in 2006, marking the 20th anniversary of the Food Bank to provide children with healthy, balanced meals. Witnessing previous success at John Muir Elementary School, the Food Bank entrusted the distribution of food to Gordon Lau Elementary School with Tzu Chi.

Gordon Lau and Jean Parker elementary schools were initially considered by the Food Bank in Chinatown to receive aid because both schools were the recipients of Tzu Chi’s Gift of Book program in 2006. After a thorough assessment, Tzu Chi chose Gordon Lau Elementary School and its 700 students for the food distribution. With over 200 students from low- income families, the food distribution campaign was expected to be an enormous undertaking. The first distribution took place on Jan 22, with subsequent distributions scheduled for every Tuesday afternoon. In the spirit of environmental protection, parents were also advised to bring reusable bags each week to receive their food supply.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and close teamwork of all our volunteers, the first food distribution at Gordon Lau Elementary School was a success.

 Photographer: Yu-zhen Lin

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