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Oct 02nd
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Relay of Love

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Although Master Cheng Yen is currently in Guandu, Taipei, as part of her annual island-wide tour, in her heart, she has never stopped worrying about the disaster in Haiti. In the morning of January 15, she had a videoconference with volunteers from the United States to better understand the situation and plan the next steps in the relief effort.

Master Cheng Yen noted that roads to the disaster site are breached and the situation is unclear; even rescue workers are having a hard time getting into the stricken area. Tzu Chi volunteers must pave a path for future relief work, since rebuilding Haiti will require continuous love and care. She further emphasized that we should nurture our compassion in times of suffering, challenge our wisdom in times of change and learn to be patient in times of complication.

On January 15, at one of the Tzu Chi year-end blessing ceremonies in Guandu, Taipei, over 2,300 Tzu Chi volunteers from Wen Shan, Xin Dian, Xin Zhuang and Peng Hu attended. Among the 2,300 Tzu Chi volunteers, 250 are newly-certified commissioners, faith corps members, and honorary board members. Master Cheng Yen reminded Tzu Chi volunteers at the ceremony to awaken to the lessons learned from the disaster in Haiti, and to continue to pave the path with love. She called upon everyone to talk to family and friends as well as to send a message via cellular phones, and invite more people to contribute their love and send their prayers to the people in Haiti.

Master Cheng Yen said, “We have initiated the first wave of disaster relief and mobilized Tzu Chi members around the world to raise funds and inspire love. With hearts of love, piety and sincerity, our prayers will be heard by all Bodhisattvas and Buddha.”

Haiti is a country in need of blessings. Tzu Chi volunteers around the world have already decided to hold street fundraisers during the weekends of January 16-17 and 23-24, hoping to help Haitians to get back on their feet and restore their hopes.

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" Material objects were meant to be tools for us to use. Yet, lacking wisdom, we are perpetually discontent, and we thus become enslaved by material objects. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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