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Aug 19th
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Home Feature Stories Help Haiti with Love Tzu Chi Prepares Instant Corn Powder for Haiti

Tzu Chi Prepares Instant Corn Powder for Haiti

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Buddhist nuns at Jing Si Abode in Hualien, Taiwan, have prepared an instant corn powder that can be eaten with cold water, to meet the tastes of the Haitian people.
From its years of international relief, volunteers have learnt that people in disasters need food they can eat immediately. So they came up with an instant rice which can be eaten after adding cold water and distributed it widely during overseas operations. “In areas of disaster, where nothing is available, instant rice only need to soak in water to eat,” said Qiu Guo-qi, a team leader of Religious Culture & Humanitarian Aid Department. “It is a convenient way to give meals to victims and rescue workers.”

But the staple food of people in Haiti is corn, so the Buddhist nuns and volunteers at the Jing Si Abode decided to develop a different product. “Out of respect, we learn about local customs and eating habits,” said Qiu. “We know that corn is the staple food in Haiti; so, with a corn mixture, we can deliver what they want.” The nuns prepared an instant corn powder that can be made with cold water. “We developed this powder so that, even when there is no electricity, it can be soaked in water and eaten,” said nun Master De Han. “It fills people’s stomachs.”

Whether preparing instant rice or corn powder, Tzu Chi volunteers also try to put themselves into the shoes of disaster victims.


" One evil thought plants an evil karmic seed; one good thought will result in good karmic fruit. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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