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Sep 21st
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Typhoon Survivors Give to Haiti

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They were victims of Typhoon Morakot which struck Taiwan last August and are receiving help from the Tzu Chi Foundation. Now they have decided to show their gratitude by giving to the people of Haiti.
Last weekend the survivors gathered for a prayer service for the victims of the terrible earthquake in Haiti. Many decided to make a donation. One of them was Qiu Ji-fu. “We received aid from 52 countries in the aftermath of the typhoon,” he said. “Now we are back on track, we should contribute in return.” He is donating one day’s pay from his wage as a Tzu Chi relief worker. Another donor was Fu Rong-xiang, a foreign-born wife who brought her children’s bamboo coin bank. “It is the pocket money of my children. It is not much money but it is filled with our love. It is sad to see what the people of Haiti are going through.” Liu Yueqin wept as she also donated her bamboo coin bank. “I think of the people in Haiti – they have no clothes or blankets. I hope that everyone has the love and compassion to donate.”
This is the cycle of goodness. The victims of Typhoon Morakot received the compassion of others in their time of need; now they are giving in return.


" True liberation is realized through unselfish giving for the benefit of mankind. It is also realized through the challenges of relationships with others. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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