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Jan 28th
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Tzu Chi Aid, Relief Team Enter Haiti

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On Thursday, Tzu Chi aid entered Haiti for the first time since the devastating earthquake on January 12, along with a team that went to assess the disaster and the needs of the victims.On Thursday morning, a team of volunteers made the five-hour journey by road from Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, to a city on its border with Haiti. There they met a Haiti volunteer, Steeve Lemite, and his father Alix.

It was a moving reunion for the team to see father and son alive and well. The team handed over their emergency supplies to Steeve to distribute to the community of Port-au-Prince where he lives. It marks the first entry of aid from the foundation into the country. The meeting was made possible by the help of a member of the Dominican Senate, who helped with the entry and exit procedures at the border. He has undertaken to facilitate the future crossings of the volunteers at the border. In addition, he purchased supplies to give to Steeve. The contacts which the volunteers have made over the past 10 years are bearing fruit.

The next step for the team was to enter Haiti with Steeve and his father to see the situation for themselves, decide what kind of help the victims need and find a secure location to distribute the aid. They have decided to use the port of Barahona, in the Dominican Republic, as their logistical base; it is two hours from there to the Haiti border, compared to five from the capital. Safety is a major concern; the team, Steeve and his father were accompanied by security guards for the whole drive to Port-au-Prince. The risk comes from two sources. One is the breakdown in law and order after the earthquake, with the collapse of the government, and thousands of desperate people searching for food, water and daily necessities. The second comes from further tremors. “No matter whether it is Haiti or the Dominican Republic, the plate of the earthquake is unstable,” said Master Cheng Yen. “We must raise our level of awareness. On the streets, you must be very careful.”

On the morning of January 21, Master Cheng Yen in Hualien held a video conference with volunteers in the Dominican Republic and the United States to discuss the next step in the aid process as well as medium- and long-term reconstruction projects. These include money-for-relief programs, under which the foundation pays Haitians to do clearing and reconstruction work. She again thanked the volunteers in the Dominican Republic for all their efforts. They told her that two diplomats from Taiwan’s embassy in Port-au-Prince who were injured in the earthquake were recovering well. The two, ambassador Hsu Mian-sheng and counselor Qi Wang-de, were rescued by a Tzu Chi doctor who flew in a chartered plane to Port-au-Prince last week and brought them out to a hospital in Santo Domingo for treatment. Hsu will be flown to Miami for further treatment, while Qi has been able to get out of bed. He hopes to return to Port-au-Prince as soon as possible to help in the rescue effort.

One part of Tzu Chi’s help will be 3,000 first aid kits, being prepared by volunteers in the United States. This was announced at a press conference by its Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation on Tuesday. The kits include a stethoscope, antibiotics, painkillers, intravenous bag, dry hand cleaner, alcohol wipes and a selection of Jing Si aphorisms in English and French, to offer spiritual comfort. Zeng Cihui, chief executive of the Medical Foundation, said that they would send further supplies such as antibiotics and items for trauma patients, like intravenous drips.

One of the volunteers packing the kits was Paul Sanguesa: “I feel really good about volunteering. It is a way of paying back what they did for me. It’s the love that they showed me that I want to give back. This is the way I do it.” Volunteers like him may never get the chance to go to Haiti but can play their part by supporting the relief teams.

The relief effort is being supported this week by volunteers around the world collecting money. Among them were members in cities in South Africa. In Johannesburg, they divided into groups and visited five business districts. Shop-owners donated without hesitation. “Everyone in the business district recognizes our uniform and donates willingly,” said one volunteer Zhang Baiyu. “The people know we are here to raise funds for Haiti and give happily. Every time a disaster occurs, they will contribute.”

In Durban, the volunteers raised funds from people at the other end of society – long-term recipients of care from Tzu Chi. They have little money but are happy to donate. Through their long interaction with the foundation, they have come to understand the value of giving. The volunteers prepared coins for the children who have no money. Together with the donors, they also prayed for the quake victims.

The volunteers are delighted and moved by the compassion they feel from the public. Once it has been awakened, love will live on and never die.

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" To win the hearts of others and always be welcomed, we must be cautious of our tone of voice and facial expression. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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