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Oct 03rd
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Home Feature Stories Help Haiti with Love Raises Loving Hearts for Haiti Across the Globe

Raises Loving Hearts for Haiti Across the Globe

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Tzu Chi volunteers around the world are raising money for the victims of the Haiti earthquake, touching the hearts of rich and poor alike. They are working in 29 countries, from the United States to Thailand and Japan to Australia.Volunteers were active on the streets of several cities across the United States, including Orlando, Florida, where they assisted those hit by Tropical Storm Fay in 2008. Moved by the help they received then, the people are returning the favour, bringing bamboo banks filled with coins. “They came into the heart of the ghetto and were not afraid of anything,” said Pastor Anthony Brown of Deland Outreach Ministries. “They came in and saw devastation and they met the needs, based on these virtues. We prayed to God and will continue to pray.”

In Dallas, Texas, the volunteers received donations from people as young as five, like Dorji Hopkins. “Haiti people, because there was an earthquake!” she said. Another donor was Nigerian Ifiok-Augusta Ekong: “I really thank you for helping out in Haiti,” she said. “It means that we are one human race. When we cut the skin, it is the same blood everywhere, so we must show sympathy. It’s global.”

The volunteers conducted fund-raising in other cities, such as Honololu, Hawaii, Atlanta, Georgia, St Louis, Missouri and, in California, Irvine and San Jose, where 200 volunteers at a year-end blessing ceremony held a candelight vigil, which was covered by a local Chinese-language television station.

Volunteers were also active in Taiwan. Among the donors were two elderly people who live alone and a man who is himself receiving financial assistance from the foundation. One of the two was an 80-year-old lady named Chen who had carefully set money aside from a monthly allowance she receives from the government. She made the donation to volunteers on a visit to her home. Normally, she contributes NT$50 (US$1.6) a month to the foundation but insisted on giving more for Haiti. “I am happy to make such a contribution and to show my love for those in need.” Volunteer Su Qiuping said that the issue was not the money. “It is the thought that counts.” Similar generosity was shown by Wu Xiangrong, who also receives support from the foundation; earlier, it gave financial aid to his five children during their studies. “We would like to express our support for Haiti,” he said, producing a red envelope with about US$300. Before they accepted the sum, the volunteers ensured that he could afford this generous donation. “I was first inspired by Tzu Chi after the Asian tsunami. Since then, I have started a habit of saving, to help Tzu Chi deliver relief to the poor.”

Members were active in other countries, including Japan, Australia and Thailand, where local volunteers showed pictures of the devastation in Haiti to schoolchildren through a laptop computer. Although they were young, the students were full of compassion. In Australia, a man in a wheelchair made a donation. Be they rich or poor, everyone is doing what they can for the people of Haiti.

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" To give is better than to receive. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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