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Sep 21st
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Home Feature Stories Help Haiti with Love Aid and Care to the Earthquake Survivors in Dominican Republic

Aid and Care to the Earthquake Survivors in Dominican Republic

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Senator Juan Roberto Rodriguez Hernandez of the Dominican Republic has been in touch with Tzu Chi since 11 years ago, after Hurricane Georges devastated his hometown. Recently, Senator Rodriguez’ mother received news that there was a group of injured earthquake survivors staying in Hospital Municipal Cabral in the Dominican Republic, so she informed Tzu Chi volunteers. Tzu Chi volunteers then visited the hospital on January 24.

The hospital has four doctors, 46 nurses, and 8 patient rooms. It is a small hospital which has been housing earthquake survivors who had undergone surgeries at the nearby Jamie Mota Hospital. Currently, Hospital Municipal Cabral has 26 patients from Haiti, while Jamie Mota Hospital has approximately 130 patients who will later be transferred to Hospital Municipal Cabral.

49 year-old Ermise was working at a hotel when the earthquake happened. After she was rescued from the rubbles, she was not able to get in touch with her five children; therefore, she has been feeling very sad. Tzu Chi volunteers talked to her and asked her to take care of her physical health first before attempting to find her family.

15 year-old Jean’s right arm was amputated. She said she was playing at her aunt’s house with 11 friends when the earthquake struck. After the earthquake, only she was rescued. After being rescued, she only saw foreigners from other countries around her. After her arm was amputated in Haiti, she was sent to this hospital last Wednesday. She has been recovering well. However, she is still not able to reach her family in Haiti.

Haimmler is a volunteer interpreter at the hospital. He is from Haiti and has been living in Santo Domingo for six years. He teaches French and Spanish in Santo Domingo. His brother was a police in Haiti and was sent to this hospital for treatment after the earthquake. Therefore, Haimmler decided to volunteer as an interpreter at the hospital to help take care of other patients. He has been lending his mobile phone to other patients to communicate with their loved ones. He wishes he could help out more earthquake survivors at other places.

During this trip, Tzu Chi volunteers brought eggs, rice, oatmeal, milk powder, noodles, cookies, ketchup, cooking oil, red beans, black beans, sugar, potatoes, bleach and toilet paper for the patients at the hospital. The volunteers will return two weeks later to provide more aid and care to the earthquake survivors in this hospital.

Life Wisdom: 01/26/2010 Coming Together to Support Relief in Haiti

By: Tzu Chi emergency coordination center in the Dominican Republic
Translated by: Grace Chen, Gregory Ivens


" Be careful and mindful when dealing with others, but do not be narrow-minded. "
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