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Sep 27th
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Home Feature Stories Help Haiti with Love Distribution at an Orphanage on January 29

Distribution at an Orphanage on January 29

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On January 29, 2010, the Tzu Chi Foundation relief team in Haiti went to an orphanage to distribute food and reusable utensils. Tzu Chi provided assistance to this orphanage in January 2009. When the children saw the Tzu Chi volunteers, they were excited and called out "Tzu Chi, Tzu Chi." Before distributing relief goods, Tzu Chi volunteers read a letter from Dharma Master Cheng Yen, the founder of Tzu Chi Foundation, in French (please click here to view the letter in English).

The volunteers then led the children and the staff at the orphanage to pray for all the survivors and for a peaceful world. Both the Tzu Chi volunteers and the people at the orphanage had tears in their eyes as they prayed. The volunteers also taught the children a song called "The Spirit of Great Love," and told them that as long as we have love in our hearts, we will not be defeated by challenges facing us.

The Spirit of Great Love
There is no one in the world that I don't love.
There is no one in the world that I don't trust.
There is no one in the world that I can't forgive.
All the sorrow, blame and worry, just let go.

Upcoming Distributions in the Next Two Weeks
Tzu Chi will be holding a large-scale relief goods distribution on 2/1 around the IHCD orphanage. On 2/2, Tzu Chi will be holding small-scale distributions at a local church (with approximately 150 people living in tents) and another orphanage. At these distributions, Tzu Chi will provide instant rice, instant corn powder, reusable utensils, blankets, etc. Just as importantly, Tzu Chi is bringing the spirit of Great Love to those poverty-stricken areas and bringing hope to the survivors.

Prior to 2/12, Tzu Chi will be holding a large-scale distribution and free medical clinic in Tabarre. The mayor of Tabarre will be meeting with Tzu Chi volunteer to discuss the details of this distribution.


" Wisdom empowers Great Love "
Jing Si Aphorism

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