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Oct 03rd
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Home Feature Stories Typhoon Morakot Foundation Finishes One Village for Typhoon Survivors, Starts Another

Foundation Finishes One Village for Typhoon Survivors, Starts Another

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The Tzu Chi Foundation is putting the finishing touches to one village for survivors of Typhoon Morakot and has started work on a second.

The first, with more than 600 homes, is located in Shanlin, on the outskirts of Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s second city. Builders have installed stair rails in 37 of the homes, the last step in completing the houses. Volunteers have played an important role in the project; they have laid bricks, done landscaping and assisted with the interior design. During the final stages, they came from all over Taiwan. “We are here to lay the interlocking paving bricks and soon will be able to complete the houses,” said volunteer Lin Shuling. The foundation will hand over the first batch of homes before Chinese New Year, which falls on February 14.

Among the visitors were two volunteers who were themselves survivors of Morakot; they were so moved by the help they received from Tzu Chi that they wanted to make a contribution. One of them, Lin-Bu Xiulan, lost her home to the typhoon and lived temporarily in a camp, where she was helped by Tzu Chi volunteers; she was moved by the selfless love she received and decided to volunteer herself. She took time off from working odd jobs and invited a fellow villager, Lin Yixiong, to come with her to the Shanlin village. They were happy to put on the vest of a volunteer. “Volunteering is very exciting. We need to hurry to help out, so the homes can quickly be finished.” Liu Yixiong said that she was using a little time to give back to society. “I hope the future residents will enjoy a happy and peaceful life.” For the two of them, witnessing the disaster of Typhoon Morakot was a traumatic experience. But volunteering at the village has given them a sense of purpose as they start to build a new life.

Homes built to withstand tremors and gales
The foundation has started worked on a second community for the typhoon survivors, with eight permanent homes in Hsinfeng village in Pingtung county. The typhoon caused a nearby river bank to collapse, which flooded the village; it damaged homes and large areas of farmland. The village is situated along a fault line, so Tzu Chi is building homes that can withstand large seismic tremors and gale-force winds. “Built with a steel structure, the houses will be quake- and storm-proof,” said Lin Bi-yu, vice chief executive of the foundation. “As Master Cheng Yen has envisaged, these buildings will last for centuries.” They are due for completion at the end of March.

One of the survivors, Yin Qiu-xin, said that the houses were of excellent quality. “There is landscaping and even a little park.” Xie Chang-cheng does grouting work on the homes. “I have been to the new village in Shanlin. I thank Tzu Chi from the bottom of my heart for its contribution to society.” The new Xinfeng village will provide a promising future for the eight families and help them turn a new page after the typhoon.

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