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Oct 01st
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Home Feature Stories Typhoon Morakot Volunteers Served 700,000 Meals in Aftermath of Morakot

Volunteers Served 700,000 Meals in Aftermath of Morakot

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Thursday February 11 is the official opening of the Great Love Community for the survivors of Typhoon Morakot. It was also an occasion to look back on the work of Tzu Chi volunteers in the aftermath of the disaster. In total, they provided emergency funds to more than 26,000 families, served more than 700,000 meals and worked 150,000 shifts.

The typhoon hit the south of Taiwan on August 8 and 9 last year, dumping over two metres of rain within 72 hours; it was the worst natural catastrophe in the island for 50 years. When the rain finally ceased and the flood waters receded, thousands of volunteers left their homes and headed for Kaohsiung and Pingtung, the two counties worst hit, to do what they could. Some took what tools they could and others arrived only with their bare hands. They found that things were more serious than they had imagined. “When we went to clean with a group of 300 volunteers, we thought we could clean up at least one or two villages,” said volunteer Zhang Changbin. “However what we thought was enough manpower made no impact at all. That is when we realized that the scale of this disaster was beyond our imagination. With a catastrophe of such magnitude, living bodhisattvas are needed to help and support the victims.”

Gradually they organized themselves for the tasks that needed to be done – visiting the survivors, distributing aid, cleaning up the stricken villages and providing medical services. “We received a lot of help from the headquarters and the government’s social welfare division, which allowed us to co-ordinate all these volunteers at work on the front line,” said volunteer Zhang Changbin. “Many of our volunteers have day jobs but, on their own, took time off work to come to help. They realized the severity and urgency of the situation and that, if they did not help at once, they might not have the chance later.” Volunteer Huang Lixiang said they were driven to go on making a contribution to those in need and inspire more people to join. “I think that is the best way to show our appreciation for those who have lent us a helping hand.” When the foundation made the final accounting, they discovered that the volunteers had given emergency funds to over 26,000 families, served more than 700,000 meals and worked 150,000 shifts.

The volunteers provided themselves on being the first to arrive and the last to leave. They threw themselves into the struggle against a disaster which frightened many people. Their efforts and the love behind it helped to create a new feeling of hope. Their compassion burns as strongly as ever, to work for all those who suffer, wherever they are.

This support continued, for those who built the Great Love Community for the survivors of the typhoon. Prominent among them were the kitchen volunteers who produced delicious vegetarian meals three times a day for the three months of the construction period. At the foundation’s Qishan liaison office, they prepared over 4,000 meals a day for those at the site, including the workers, volunteers and the survivors.

"It is tiring but we are all very happy to be a part of it,” said volunteer Lin Meizhen. “Volunteers take a great pleasure in making tasty and hygienic food for the people in Shanlin.” They see themselves as part of the greater effort, to make new and comfortable homes for those who lost theirs to the typhoon.

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Пусть меня черти раздерут на куски, если я этому поверю!


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