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Sep 21st
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Tzu Chi School Graduation in Paraguay

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On December 11, 2009, the annual graduation ceremony took place at the Tzu Chi middle and elementary school in Yaguaron, Paraguay. December is one of the most profitable months for local businesses at the capital, Asuncion, Paraguay. Even so, Tzu Chi volunteer Wang May Ping put aside her business and led a group of Tzu Chi volunteers to the Tzu Chi middle and elementary school to hand out blessings from Master Cheng Yen - one red envelope with blessed wisdom for each graduating student.

From nothing to something with the help from Tzu Chi
It takes ten years to grow a tree, but to properly nourish a person could take a hundred years. Education is the foundation to building any country. School Principal Adela specifically addressed that the school’s classrooms and bathrooms were not in ideal condition and did not meet the needs of students and teachers. With the help from Tzu Chi volunteers, new classrooms and bathrooms were built. Computers and other supplies including sewing machines were donated. Students now receive better education because the school went from having nothing to having something.

Representative Huang Lien Shen and Secretary Hsu were also present at the graduation ceremony. From Principal Adela, they were able to gain a good understanding of the work Tzu Chi has done for the school. Going forward, Representative Huang Lien Shen will attend more Tzu Chi events.

Translated by: Lynn Tien
Edited by: Joseph Hackbarth