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Sep 27th
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Students Raise Money for Haiti

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On the morning of February 22, students at Tzu Chi Senior High School in Hualien held a fund-raising event. They watched video footage of the suffering of the Haitians and conditions in which they live and the work of the volunteers to help them. They also watched footage of Master Cheng Yen appealing for help for the Haitians. Students explained how they collected for money during the evenings, after school. In total, the students and the teachers contributed a total of NT$100,000 (US$3,125). School principal Li Kenan said that the earthquake had occurred on January 13, in the middle of exams at the end of the winter term. So the school decided to hold the fund-raising event at the start of the new term, after the Chinese New Year, when students had had time to collect money. “Fund-raising activities will continue during the term,” Li said. “Every day teachers and students will pray sincerely for the people of Haiti and collect good thoughts. They will live a simple life and collect blessings and money for them to rebuild their homeland.”

In San Dimas, California, members of the foundation’s Tzu Chi Collegiate Association (Tzu Ching) found a new method of fund-raising – a sale in the yard in the front of a house offering items raised through Facebook. Patty Lee, president of the Tzu Ching in San Dimas, said that Facebook and text messaging were the fastest and most effective ways to communicate. “When you are planning something like a yard sale within six days, you want to reach out to everyone, as much as possible.” She used Facebook to inform her family, friends and Tzu Chi members of the sale, inviting them to contribute and attend the sale. She said that her neighbours donated many items, some of them brand new, while other members of the chapter also brought goods. The sale took place during one morning and raised US$600. “It was a little different to the traditional Tzu Chi fund-raising,” said Lee. “I think that it will be a new way to incorporate into fund-raising events in future.” But they did not forget the traditional custom – on the last day of fund-raising, they went to each household that had supported them and thanked them in person.


" It is never too late for a deep-rooted affinity to blossom. Do not worry over a distant journey as long as one finds the way. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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