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Dec 05th
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Home Feature Stories Typhoon Morakot Volunteers Visit New Residents During New Year Holiday

Volunteers Visit New Residents During New Year Holiday

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Tzu Chi volunteers in 18 teams went to visit the new residents of the Shanlin Village during the Lunar New Year holiday, to see they had everything they need. Most people stay at home during the holidays but the volunteers decided to spend the time to see how they could help.

"The residents have just moved in for a short time,” said Du Junyuan. “We are evaluating what improvements can be made, both materially and spiritually.” Zhang Changpin said that they wanted to see if there was anyone home between the ages of 18 and 60; many of the residents go elsewhere to work. "For the second phase of construction, we want to invite them to participate in the relief-for-work program and see if they can make use of their skills.” The volunteers were warmly welcomed, like members of the family. The residents feel a great debt of gratitude for what they have received and want to repay some of it. “I want to be like you and help people,” said Lin-Jin Chunhua. She gave the visitors a can full of coins for charity, even though she herself is suffering from diabetes. The foundation has given them a home and they want to spread some of this goodness around the world.

Home in new village saves family from break-up
A man who nearly lost his family because of Typhoon Morakot has been able to keep them together because of a new home in the Great Love Village, Shanlin, Kaohsiung, built by the Tzu Chi Foundation.

Mr. Pan was diagnosed with chronic renal failure just before the typhoon struck on August 8 last year. His home, in Minzu Village in Namaxia township in the mountains of southern Taiwan, was completely destroyed by the storm. Without a home and without a job because of his health, Pan was on the point of giving his children away for adoption. Then he was found by foundation volunteers. They gave his wife a job in the work relief program for the Shanlin village and promised them a new home there. This enabled the family to stay together. They moved into their new home just before Chinese New Year. “We had nothing left before and now we have been given everything,” said Pan. “It feels great. When I talk about it, I feel tears of joy. I am really grateful to Master Cheng Yen for giving us an opportunity to move here and for giving our future generations a better life.” His wife Chen Xiaoqiao, who was born in China, said that she was very grateful. “We have a house, we are not dreaming. The volunteers helped us to apply for social welfare, so we do not have to be separated.”


The Beauty of the Jing Si Abode


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