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Feb 03rd
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Tzu Chi Relief Assessment Team Is in Chile

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(San Dimas, CA, USA) Tzu Chi relief assessment team from Argentina is currently in Chile assessing the earthquake damages and needs. On March 11, another earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9 struck Chile. On the same day, Tzu Chi relief assessment team met with the Mayor of Concepcion (now the governor of the Province of Bio-bio) to discuss the needs in the area. The Governor assigned a few governmental officials to support Tzu Chi with its assessment work.

On March 11, Tzu Chi relief assessment team visited two fishermen villages and a community outside of Concepcion. There are over 450 households in these three locations that need support. The needs in these areas include shelter, blankets, public toilets, food and water.

On March 12, Tzu Chi relief assessment team assessed two severely damaged areas which are inaccessible by roads, Cobquecura and Dichato. Cobquecura has approximately 6,000 residents/survivors. The main needs are tarps due to the upcoming raining season. Dichato has approximately 10 tent areas, and the main needs are blankets, tarps and food. The Chilean government officials that accompanied the Tzu Chi volunteers commented that they are very touched by Tzu Chi’s work since Tzu Chi is the only humanitarian organization they know of which personally assesses each disaster area and interacts with the survivors closely and comforts the survivors.

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