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Oct 02nd
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Tzu Chi Opens Permanent Branch in Perth

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The Tzu Chi foundation opened a permanent branch in Perth, western Australia, 12 years after its first office there. Nearly 200 people came to attend the opening ceremony.

"I was deeply moved when I set foot on this ground,” said Ji Yaying, director of the foundation in Australia. "I respect this place because our Tzu Cheng, commissioners, volunteers and others built it together.” The foundation started charity work in Perth in 1998 and, over the last 12 years, has visited nursing homes, helped the needy, promoted conservation work and set up a Tzu Chi academy.

Now there are over 100 volunteers and nearly 500 members.  Over 30 volunteers devoted their holidays to renovating the new building, which saved a lot of the renovation cost; they have put their heart and soul into their new home, which they hope will serve as a base to attract more volunteers in the future.

"In the face of suffering, let us nurture compassion. In the face of change, let us cultivate wisdom.”