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May 29th
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Volunteers Celebrate Buddha Day in Latin America

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On May 9, volunteers in Latin America celebrated Buddha Day, like their brothers and sisters around the world.

An elementary and middle school built by the foundation in Villa Hermosa, in the Dominican Republic, held its first ceremony to bathe the Buddha. All the proceedings were translated into Spanish, so that local residents could understand them. The Dominican Republic is the eastern half of the island of Hispaniola, in the Caribbean; the western half is Haiti, where the foundation has been active in providing aid to survivors of the terrible earthquake.

Another ceremony was held in Guatemala, in central America, where volunteers invited local people to learn of the wisdom of the Dharma. Another was held in Bolivia, where winter is approaching. The grace and dignity of the ceremony attracted many local people to take part. There was also an event in Ciudad del Este, the second largest city in Paraguay, on the border with Brazil. Last year the foundation built a school for members of an indigenous community in the city. Students from the school and residents of the community attended the ceremony; there were people of different faiths and cultures. The volunteers arranged a session in which children served tea to their mothers and father; the youngsters then put on a blind-fold and had to paint their mothers’ lips on the faces they know so well.

People there are poor but were willing to make a contribution to the bamboo bank – love and goodwill that will help others in need.


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