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Sep 27th
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Celebrating 5th Birthday of Taipei Hospital

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Doctors, nurses, volunteers and patients gathered to celebrate the fifth birthday of the Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, a moment to reflect on the challenges they have overcome and the work ahead.

It opened in May 8, 2005 in Xindian, in the south of Taipei city, a large general hospital with 600 beds, offering the full range of medical services, including community health care and public health work. An average of 220 volunteers work in the hospital every day. It is the sixth hospital the foundation has built in Taiwan.

On May 16, more than 1,700 people came together to celebrate the anniversary. Dharma masters from Jing Si Abode in Hualien conducted the ceremony, leading staff and volunteers from the hospital. Vice president Lin Biyu said that they had to overcome very many obstacles during the construction. “Everyone endured and worked together, believing in only one thing: to follow Master Cheng Yen and make compassionate medical services a reality.” Master Cheng Yen herself sent a message of blessing for the hospital. Volunteers have played a critical role – helping to clear the site and in the construction, as well as working every day in the wards. Some took to the stage to share their memories. “Fifteen years ago, we were still young,” said volunteer Wu Longsheng. “We have devoted our time and energy in exchange for a five medical institution that saves life. It was a very touching and worthwhile journey.”

Dr Zhao Youcheng, superintendent of the hospital for more than two years, paid tribute to the volunteers. “I see them ageing, falling sick and becoming bed-ridden,” he said. “It breaks my heart. I feel for them very sincerely, with all my heart.”

Nurses also play a vital role in the successful running of the hospital. Chen Sijin is the head nurse of the intensive care unit of the pediatric department, where she has worked since it opened. Her unit cares for babies born prematurely: Chen has been a nurse for 18 years. “Our unit, now so well-equipped, started from nothing five years ago. The hospital was under construction and we could not even tell directions. The ceilings were not complete and were covered in electric wires. I did not fell like a nurse but a construction worker. Now I am very happy. To see a baby from the stage where no-one thought they would live to the day there were discharged and then grow up healthily gives a sense of accomplishment.” In her office are photos of several of the children she has cared for. Five pairs of twins born prematurely came for the anniversary to show their gratitude. To see the 10 strong and healthy was a reward for the medical staff.

Yu Xiuhong heads the Heart Lotus Ward for terminally ill patients. A nurse with fifteen and a half years experience, she was inspired to work in this field by the experience of her mother. “She passed away from gastric cancer when I was just ten. Thinking back to that period, I want to help patients whenever possible, to help them to create wonderful memories and have no regrets. It is not just a place for patients in the final stages of their life but a ward that can fulfill their final wishes. There is a lot we can do for them – fulfilling their dreams and giving them peace of mind.” She turns to one of her patients and tells her: "you are living the life of a queen now. There are four of us serving you. Long live the queen!”

During its five years, the hospital has witnessed many dramatic and touching moments. One concerned a patient named Mr Shi, who came to the hospital for circulatory problems caused by diabetes. His right leg had been amputated at another hospital and there seemed to be no hope for his left one. But the medical staff managed to save it. He was treated by two doctors, including Dr Huang Xuanli of the cardiology department: “I thank Dr Hong Shuosui who joined me in helping this patient recovery, instead of choosing to amputate. Every patient is like a teacher to us. We learn and grow as we treat them.” Mr Shi came in person to express his gratitude.

For the past five years, the staffs have devoted themselves to providing compassionate medical services, to giving extra time to the patients and to understand them as people as well as patients. These years have been a period of challenge, grief and achievement. The birthday is an important milestone for everyone; they look forward to many happy anniversaries in the years ahead.

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