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Sep 27th
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Volunteers Deliver Aid to 5,000 in Guatemala

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Volunteers in Guatemala, central America, delivered food and cooking oil to 5,000 people in an area stricken by drought which had caused malnutrition, especially among the children.

The area of San Luis Jilotepeque in Jalapa province, southeast Guatemala, has been suffering from a long-term drought and a food shortage. When they heard of this, the volunteers decided to mount an aid operation, assisted by the local authorities and the military which provided security.

At 0530, 43 volunteers set out from the capital city of Guatemala city for the drive to the site. They prepared a kit of 45 kilograms, including corn, rice, black beans, jelly and cooking oil, for each family. They gave the kits to 810 families, benefiting 5,000 people. One of the recipients commented that, after the distribution, everything felt different: “because of you, because of me, let everything be for you and me, let us fill the world with love.”

While they were carrying the items, the volunteers were careful to pick up corn and rice that fell on the ground; they did not want to waste any food because it came from the love of Tzu Chi people around the world.

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