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Sep 30th
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A Sense of Mission

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[Master's Teachings]
Going about our daily life, every day seems the same. We do the same activities and go through the same routine. The kind of work we do is the same. Every day, the same cycle begins and ends.

Some people simply go through their days like this. When it's time to go to work, they go to work. While on the job, they put in effort and fulfill their responsibilities. That is all.

But for people who feel a sense of mission, in their minds, they continually ponder how to make things better. They do not only do their given work, but think about how their way of working can be improved, to make even more contributions and benefit even more people. This is the direction of their thoughts. Their goal is not only to fulfill their jobs. Thinking of the greater good, they are ever motivated to seek ways for improvement. These are people who go about their lives with a sense of mission.

Take the medical profession, for example. If a doctor has consultations every day and treats patients, he or she is only providing a service. A doctor who feels his calling will further offer love, taking care of both the patient's body and mind. The mission of a doctor is in fact to cherish life, to care for human beings. Human beings do not only suffer physically; their feelings and state of mind also affect their wellbeing. It is in caring for the patient's body and mind that the doctor truly fulfills his calling as a healer. A doctor who does this is one who serves with a sense of mission.

In short, living with a sense of mission is to go beyond just doing one's work adequately and fulfilling one's duties. Of course, faithfully carrying out one's responsibilities is laudable, but if we stop at that, our life will be but a normal, tepid routine. If we can instead seek to do more---think of ways to improve our work and help make this world a better place---our life will take on new meaning. In living with a sense of mission, our true potential unfolds.

From Dharma Master Cheng Yen's Talks
Compiled into English by the Jing Si Abode English Editorial Team

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