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Oct 02nd
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Donate Books to Philippine Scholastic Academy

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Other than providing educational assistance to underprivileged but deserving students of Philippine Scholastic Academy in Quiapo, Manila, Tzu Chi Foundation widened its aid to its students when it donated second-hand general reference materials last May 14, 2010.

Philippine Scholastic Academy is a Chinese School composed of about 160 underprivileged and affluent students comprising of Filipino, Filipino-Chinese and Muslim in every year level. With the few number of students, some of the teachers shared that they lack the capability to support the school materials, such as lack of funds in buying books for the library.

Pack the book shelf
With the sincere purpose of one of the teachers of Philippine Scholastic Academy, Amparo Chua wants to help the students by trying her best to solicit aids to different organizations. Her efforts were realized when she tried to solicit help to Tzu Chi Foundation.

With the quick response of Tzu Chi Foundation to one of the basic needs of the school, Chua uttered her gratitude to the founder of Tzu Chi Foundation, Master Cheng Yen. "Thank you very much Master, with Tzu Chi Foundation our problem in books has been resolved. Now the students can have references when they do their homework and researches. I am sure that they will be very happy and more enthusiastic to study especially when they go to the library because it is now filled books which they can read."

The second hand books that were donated to Philippine Scholastic Academy includes four complete volume of encyclopedia, children’s books in English and Filipino, Reader’s Digest, books about Science and Technology, literary books and others that were donated by the supporters of the recycling activities of Tzu Chi Foundation that were whole-heartedly collected by Tzu Chi volunteers.

Though school is still in vacation, the teachers of Philippine Scholastic Academy allotted their time to welcome the 11 staffs and volunteers of Tzu Chi Foundation. While the books are being taken out of the truck, the teachers are very happy for these books will be a great help for the students and the school too.

Reachable resource
The teachers shared to Tzu Chi volunteers that whenever homework or researches were asked of the students, out of scarcity of books in the library, students who are affluent resort to using the internet. While those who cannot afford to go to a computer shop endure whatever materials they can get from the library or they borrow books from friends or neighbors.

The teachers know how important books are in the learning process of each individual, the reason why there are so grateful to Tzu Chi Foundation’s concern to their school and its students.

"In behalf of the Board of Trustees, teacher, administrators and students of Philippine Scholastic Academy we would like to express our sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the books donated by Tzu Chi Foundation. We appreciate this opportunity you have given us by donating many books which will be very useful to our students in this coming school year," said Sol Veneracion, English Supervisor and Library Supervisor of Philippine Scholastic Academy.

Jing Si Publication
On the other hand, Tzu Chi volunteers gave the teachers books from Jing Si Publication containing collections of inspiring short stories written by Master Cheng Yen and her disciples.

When Chua accepted the books, she told Tzu Chi volunteers that she patronizes the programs of Dai Ai TV, the television station of Tzu Chi Foundation that is based in Taiwan. One of the things which Master Cheng Yen said that marked in the mind of Chua was "There are no ignorant students in the world, only ignorant teachers."

Ever since Chua heard of this statement, she stopped and promised to herself that she will improve her knowledge, talents, and skills to be able to share more wisdom to her students.

by Nyanza Donna Nakar
Translated by Chang Meng-hsueh  

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