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Mar 06th
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Dr. Ng Poh Yin - A doctor to avoid

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Dr. Ng Poh Yin
A doctor to avoid
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A doctor to avoid
Dr. Ng used to be very hot-tempered. No one at Kuala Lumpur General Hospital, where she worked, liked to be around her. Her colleagues avoided her. Her patients shied away from her. No one knew when her temper would flare or when she’d lash out at those around her.

"When I was in a bad mood, I’d lose my temper and take it out on the nurses or my patients,” she recalled. "Sometimes after I got off work, I would still be mad and continue cursing them at home. I always thought that everyone else was in the wrong and that they deserved my yelling at them.”

Some nurses couldn’t put up with her, and they applied to be transferred to other departments. Even so, it never occurred to Dr. Ng that there might be something wrong with the way she interacted with others.

She attended to many patients each day, including foreign laborers from Indonesia and the Philippines and refugees from Myanmar. To her, the patients were a heavy burden. She dreamed of how great it would be if there were no sick people in the world—that way, she wouldn’t have to work so hard and life would be much more pleasant.


" Repentance purifies the mind; a pure mind can readily sweep away afflictions. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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