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Mar 06th
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Dr. Ng Poh Yin - A humble and loving heart

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Dr. Ng Poh Yin
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A humble and loving heart
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A humble and loving heart
In addition to volunteering for Tzu Chi, Dr. Ng read Master Cheng Yen’s books for spiritual guidance. She truly took the Master’s teachings to heart. The Master says, “If you want others to smile at you, you must smile first.” So, instead of putting on a poker face when she was working at the hospital, she greeted others with smiles. Bit by bit, her demeanor softened and she became gentler. When she was seeing patients, she would also pay attention to their family backgrounds and see if they had difficulties affording treatment. If so, she would help them apply for government subsidies. She was no longer the hot-tempered Dr. Ng that others avoided.

While giving free medical services in Myanmar, Dr. Ng was impressed by the loving way that Tzu Chi volunteers interacted with the locals. She was curious what "magic medicine” the Master prescribed for the volunteers that made them so full of compassion, love, and joy. To find out, she took time to participate in all kinds of Tzu Chi work, be it providing free medical treatment, doing recycling, paying home visits to the needy, or receiving training to become a certified Tzu Chi volunteer.

The more Tzu Chi activities she is involved in, the more spiritually rewarded she feels. She truly feels the happiness of giving without asking for anything in return. Among all sorts of Tzu Chi work, she especially likes working at a recycling station. She says that when she personally pitches in to sort recyclables with her hands and flatten aluminum cans and PET bottles with her feet, a sense of fulfillment fills her. All worries and vexations vanish from her mind.

While paying home visits to the needy with other volunteers, she saw how the volunteers cared for the needy and how mindfully they listened to them as they poured out their sorrow. The examples of the volunteers made her realize that though doctors with good medical skills could treat patients’ physical ailments, it was only doctors with loving hearts that were truly able to bring support and comfort to the sick.

"More than ten years ago, I came across a patient who had suffered a massive hemorrhage induced by difficult labor. Although we were able to save her life in the end, her baby suffered some irreparable damage during the birthing process. As a result, the woman lost her sanity and wasn’t able to recover from the emotional trauma.” Dr. Ng hypothesized that if there had been Tzu Chi volunteers to help the woman at the time, perhaps her fate could have been rewritten. In view of that, she hoped to bring more people into Tzu Chi. When there are more volunteers to give help, more suffering people in the world will be able to get help and there will be less anguish and pain in the world.


" Transform greed into contentment, and contentment into compassion. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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