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Oct 31st
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Examples of Bodhisattvas - Light of love

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Examples of Bodhisattvas
Light of love
Kindness, compassion, joy and selfless giving
Gathering love
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Light of love
Living bodhisattvas make great vows and reach out to help others without being asked. They give of themselves amidst suffering and send out ripples of love.

No seed can take root and sprout without the nourishment of dew and rain, just as no seed of kindness can sprout and grow within the human heart without the nourishment of love. This is obvious in the case of Haiti. Since the earthquake, Tzu Chi has held 12 volunteer training sessions in the country. Because there are still many locals who want to volunteer to serve others, they asked our volunteers to continue holding the training sessions. The seeds of love are sprouting in Haiti. I can see hope for the country.

In Polo, an area in the Dominican Republic near the Haitian border, there lived many families from Haiti, comprised mostly of women who had fled the country with their children after having lost their husbands to the earthquake. Their lives were harsh. In mid-April, Tzu Chi volunteers, accompanied by three Haitians, visited the area to distribute food and daily necessities and to bring care to the people there. The three Haitians were not well-off themselves, but after coming in touch with our foundation, they realized how fortunate they were compared to many others. They decided to take action to help other Haitians. They are indeed doing their best to be real-life bodhisattvas.

A clean mirror can reflect sunlight. Tzu Chi volunteers are like clean mirrors that reflect light into dark corners. They have illuminated the hearts of many Haitians. Now these Haitians are reflecting their own light and helping their suffering fellow countrymen.

Everyone is born with an innate buddha-nature, and everyone has love in their heart. When that love is awakened, people will naturally want to reach out to give to others. A heart full of love is the most beautiful thing in the world.


" True liberation is realized through unselfish giving for the benefit of mankind. It is also realized through the challenges of relationships with others. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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