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Oct 01st
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Volunteers Give 7,800 Stationery Sets to Students in Myanmar

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Earlier this month, volunteers gave 7,800 sets of stationery to students from six primary schools in Yangon province, Myanmar. They have been working in the country since they arrived days after Cyclone Nargis devastated the Irrawaddy Delta in May 2008, the first foreign NGO to reach the affected area. Since then, Tzu Chi’s aid has never ceased.

The volunteers held the distributions between August 13 and 16, for needy students who cannot afford to buy the stationery on their own. Each set consisted of a dozen pencils, erasers and exercise books; when they received them, the faces of the young boys and girls lit up with joy. Among them were students of South Dagon Number 17 Primary School, where the teachers do their best to subsidize the cost of their education; but it is not enough. “Most of the students do not have enough money to buy exercise books,” said principal Daw Tin Tin Aye. “So they write everything in one book. Although I am their principal, I do not have the money to help them.” One of the teachers, Daw Yi Yi Khine, was very happy for the students: “they are delighted too. In July, when the volunteers were handing out stationery at another school, we asked for assistance. We never expected anything. Even if it is a little, it means so much to us.”

Even though they had many sets to give out, the volunteers were careful to do everything in a very orderly way. They never failed to smile and bow when they handed over the presents. “They are like my own children,” said volunteer Huang Luling. “This is a poor neighborhood and not many charity volunteers come here. This kindness from Tzu Chi volunteers means so much to each and every person. I am filled with joy.”

In addition, the volunteers presented an inspirational story, ‘The Little Chestnut of the Tang Dynasty’, which they hope will give the students the bravery and confidence to pursue their dreams. Student Mg Arkar Min said that, after watching the story, he would study hard. “I want to be an engineer,” he said.

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