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Aug 03rd
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Life Wisdom (06/01~08/31, 2010)

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Life Wisdom on Da Ai TV
Premiere everyday: 19:45 (GMT+8)

08/31/2010 Bringing About Peace and Harmony by Inspiring Love and Goodness in People

08/30/2010 Spreading Bodhi Seeds Far and Wide

08/29/2010 Purifying Our Actions, Words, and Thoughts

08/28/2010 Praying for the Flood Affectees in Pakistan

08/27/2010 Finding Spiritual Wealth by Giving with Love

08/26/2010 Taking Care of Our Minds for a World Free of Disasters

08/25/2010 Adopting Correct Faith to Eliminate Superstitions

08/24/2010 The Need to Have Correct Beliefs and Practices

08/23/2010 The Birth of Tzu Chi's Recycling Movement

08/22/2010 The Heart: The Source of All Possibilities

08/21/2010 The Culmination of Nearly 20 Years of Aid Work in China

08/20/2010 A Milestone for Tzu Chi's Missions in China

08/19/2010 The Need to Cherish Water and Care for Our Land

08/18/2010 Working Towards a Better World with Love, Gratitude and Sincere Piety

08/17/2010 Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital: 24 Years of Caring with Love

08/16/2010 The Tenth Anniversary of Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital

08/15/2010 The Need for Simple Living and Prayer to Mitigate Disasters

08/14/2010 The Spirit of the Four Immeasurables Manifested in Indonesia

08/13/2010 Celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital

08/12/2010 Bringing Medical Relief to the Suffering in Sri Lanka

08/11/2010 The True Meaning of the Seventh Lunar Month

08/10/2010 Having Correct Views and Beliefs and Making Good Practices Widespread

08/09/2010 The Need for Frugal Living and Peacefulness of Heart

08/08/2010 One Year after Typhoon Morakot

08/07/2010 A Joyful Beginning to a New Home and a New Life

08/06/2010 The Power of Gratitude

08/05/2010 Cherishing Our Blessings and Living with Prudence and Humble Piety

08/04/2010 New Hopes for Morakot Survivors in New Homes

08/03/2010 Creating a Cycle of Love

08/02/2010 Life Made Meaningful through the Six Paramitas

08/01/2010 Natural Disasters and Human Actions

07/31/2010 Cherishing Water

07/30/2010 Bringing Out the Bodhisattva Heart in All

07/29/2010 Living a Life of Value and Goodness

07/28/2010 Awakening to Life's Truths and Taking Action to Care for the Suffering

07/27/2010 Caring for the Suffering and Helping to Free the Worlds of Disasters

07/26/2010 The Cumulative Power of Small Contributions

07/25/2010 Stepping Up Our Recycling Effort

07/24/2010 Using Wisdom to Protect the Earth

07/23/2010 Learning Recycling for a Cleaner Home

07/22/2010 Working Together to Inspire and Nurture Seeds of Goodness in People

07/21/2010 Witnessing Pure, Selfless Love in South Africa

07/20/2010 A Milestone in Tzu Chi's Internation Relief Work

07/19/2010 A Life Made Rich by Giving

07/18/2010 Awakening to be a Bodhisattva

07/17/2010 Getting All Citizens Involved in Environmental Protection

07/16/2010 Better Quality Recycling for a Cleaner Earth

07/15/2010 Tzu Chi's Medical Mission: Safeguarding Lives with Love

07/14/2010 Pooling Together the Strength of All to Help Disaster Survivors

07/13/2010 Tzu Chi's Continued Care in Lesotho

07/12/2010 The Medical Renwen in Fuding Hospital

07/11/2010 Bodhisattvas Worldwide Caring for People in Need

07/10/2010 The Importance of the Seed

07/09/2010 Taming Our Minds to Mitigate Global Warming

07/08/2010 Encouraging Vegetarianism to Save the Earth

07/07/2010 Tzu Chi's Mission of Education in Indonesia

07/06/2010 A Heart Full of Gratitude

07/05/2010 Tzu Chi's Four Missions: Important Projects for Our Society

07/04/2010 A New Way of Recycling

07/03/2010 A Hospital Giving Service with Humbleness, Gratitude, and Respect

07/02/2010 Taking Tzu Chi's Recycling Efforts to the Next Level

07/01/2010 Working in Unity and Harmony on the Tzu Chi Path

06/30/2010 Uniting to Create Good Collective Karma and Sow Blessings for the World

06/29/2010 Passing On the Dharma and Living Out the Four Immeasurables

06/28/2010 A New Direction for Tzu Chi's Recycling Efforts

06/27/2010 Development of Tzu Chi in Indonesia

06/26/2010 Walking the Tzu Chi Path

06/25/2010 Embodying the Spirit of the Six Paramitas in Tzu Chi's Missions

06/24/2010 Inspiring All to Serve as Living Bodhisattvas

06/23/2010 Sowing Blessing and Cultivating Wisdom by Carrying Out Tzu Chi's Missions

06/22/2010 Taking Good Care of Our Mind and Seizing Time to Do Good

06/21/2010 Learning Lessons from Disaster Recovery

06/20/2010 The Seed that Shall Grow into a Tree

06/19/2010 The Story of Tzu Chi College of Technology

06/18/2010 Inspiring All by Bringing the Sutra Alive Onstage

06/17/2010 Tzu Chi's Mission of Education: Imparting Upright Life Values in People

06/16/2010 Spreading Love to All Those in Need During the Dragon Boat Festival

06/15/2010 Reaching Out to People in Need with Love, Compassion and Wisdom

06/14/2010 Living Bodhisattvas: The Treasure of Our Society

06/13/2010 A Graduation Filled with Gratitude and Great Hopes

06/12/2010 A Sound Education: Teaching Students the Wisdom to Choose the Good

06/11/2010 Taking Care of Our Mind and Benefiting Others with Love

06/10/2010 Wrapping Zongzi to Fundraise for Tzu Chi's Work in China

06/09/2010 Respecting and Loving Mother Nature and All Living Beings

06/08/2010 Instilling True Life Principles in the Younger Generation

06/07/2010 A New Life for Conjoined Twins from the Philippines

06/06/2010 Nurturing Love and Good Thoughts to Do Good Deeds

06/05/2010 Recycling Volunteers Living Out the Dharma

06/04/2010 Remembering Venerable Yin Shun

06/03/2010 Making Wholesome Practices Widespread for a World of Peace

06/02/2010 Reaching Out in People's Time of Need and Inspiring Love in Them

06/01/2010 Encouraging Vegetarianism for a World Free of Disasters