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May 30th
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Heeding the Wake Up Call of Disasters

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[Master’s Teachings at 09/18/2010 Morning Assembly]
Da Ai news reports that Typhoon Fanapi is approaching Taiwan and heading toward Hualien rapidly. The wind speed is picking up, with a solid integrity. During the morning assembly on Sept. 18th, Master Cheng Yen reminds everyone to stay alarmed and be prepared. “I am grateful. I know that all Tzu Chi volunteers are doing all related preparations, making house-calls to our care recipients, and reminding people from door to door. Tzu Chi people help them with housing protection, and deliver snacks and food to them for the incoming typhoon.”

Nantou Tzu Chi volunteers went to home-visits with medications, caring for the poor, the sick and the loners. Their attentiveness, caring, and ardent reminders before Typhoon makes the Master praises, “They love everyone I love, they care for everybody I care. I am really grateful, and moved.”

Master then said, “We have to solemnly and sincerely pray that the typhoon would come and leave with lightly trace.” Once again Master reminds everyone not to be careless, and hopes that everybody in Taiwan does every possible precaution.

Be prepared for Typhoon, Comfort Fire Victims with Loving Compassion
While Taiwan is occupied with the incoming typhoon, San Bruno, a San Francisco suburb suffered a natural-gas explosion accident, causing 4 deaths and dozens injured, with 40 more houses destroyed, more than 100 houses damaged or classifi ed as dangerous. The victims are currently gathered in 2 shelters.

Local non-government organizations started humanitarian aids. American Red Cross cooperated with the government to initiate aid. “Tzu Chi people aren’t left behind. On the night of Sept. 9th, Tzu Chi volunteers who live near the victimized area went to the shelter to understand the situation. At the same time, we got a notice from the Red Cross and joined them in the relief center over night.”

On Sept. 11sh, Tzu Chi members were given a stand in the disaster relief center. They started relief work and provided translation services. Once understood the distress of these victims, Tzu Chi members ardently attended to their needs in a timely manner, i.e. to provide daily supplies, clothes and food. “There're victims vacationing in Taiwan during the time of accident. Upon their return to U.S., knowing that their homes are gone, that sorrow and confusion were accompanied and comforted by Tzu Chi.

After timely comfort and accompanying, Tzu Chi initiated the distribution of blankets and cash card on Sep. 14th and 15th. They also collected reusable resources in the relief center, while sharing with the victims the story of “Bamboo Bank Era”. A caucasian shed his tears after understanding the arduousness of these charity fund. “He took the initative to inquire a bamboo bank. He told Tzu Chi volunteers he would keep the blanket as a heirloom, so his future generations would know a charity foundation named Tzu Chi. Tzu Chi does not only aid the victims with tangible goods, but also comforts their hearts. More importantly, it opens their heart to love.”

Floods and Earthquakes, Occurring Disasters Cause Pain
While US Tzu Chi volunteers were occupied with relief work in San Francisco, three hurricanes formed in the vicinity of Mexican Bay. Simultaneously, New York was experiencinga huge storm. What was even more tragic was Pakistan, suffered not only a flood of thecentury and then a scale 6 earthquake. Master Cheng Yen said in worries, “Pakistanis are so unfortunate. The flood is yet to recede, now there’s an quake. What can we do?” The disaster relief work in Pakistan is arduous, but action has to be taken. Master Cheng Yen said, “Although a lot of UN organisations are devoted to this, still, it’s a heavy burden. These natural disasters in Pakistan, on top the artifical calamities, have reached nation-wide.” “What is happening to this Earth? So many disasters occurred.” Strenuous relief aid lies ahead are burdened even more by the earthquake. Master Cheng Yen asked everyone with great sorrow, “Human beings should be alarmed, with so many disasters keep coming, shall we not be alarmed to repent our behaviors?”

Repent to the Path of Enlightenment
“We should call out to everyone on this planet consiously awared. Every single person should feel responsible for this world-wide phenomenons, instead of drift aimlessly. Everyone should repent in time. Without the resolution of grand repentence, then the scrupulous sincerity could not be summoned.”

"All in all, worldly disasters are a shared karma amongst every being. Some commits adverse karma accumulated with time, with its integrity as solid as a typhoon. Hence, we should pray scrupulously, with an enlightened consciousness and pious repentance.”

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